[Archive] Wanted - a BITS of help


Hello all. I need lots of bits for my new army project. Anyone with any of the stuff listed below can feel free to contact me and we can discuss prices. I will be in America (Maine), but I am prepared to pay international poastge for enough bits. Thanks for taking the time to look and here’s what I currently need (I will update as the list changes):

Island of Blood Clanrats (lots - alo need a couple of the rat ogres)

Ungor and Gor shields (also lots)

Orc Boyz (need 40 or so and will take 40k ones)

Bases (20mm and cavalry mostly)

Chaos Knight, Warrior and Marauder shields (lots again)

Beatigor, White Lion or Black Orc great axes.

Marauder Axes

Bloodletter Heads (about 20)

Ogre Bulls (need 5 or so)

Ogre Gutplates (need maybe 20-30)

Gnoblar heads (around 100, but don’t expect them in one go).

That’s it for now. Hope some of you have things to offer.


Do the ogre bulls need to new, or would you consider prepainted ones?
-i have some that i was going to use in my Empire army, but they never quite looked right.

i also have loads of 6th ed Orks, they are mainly under coated, few bits of silver.
i’ll do a tally


If you could post pictures of what you have then I’d appreciate it, Nitro. If I can do something with the ogres then I’m interested, but the price would need to reflect that they are painted.

Thanks for the reply.

Oh, all payments by paypal if that’s okay.