[Archive] Wanted: Hobgoblin Archers and Warriors. Have Paypal or Sneaky Gits, Wolf Riders etc


New to the forum. I have a spotless ebay and paypal record built up over the last 12 years or so and am a reliable buyer, seller and trading partner.

Finally getting back into Warhammer again after 10+ years off and was pleasantly surprised to find that Chaos Dwarfs finally have a new list to replace the old Ravening Hordes booklet. So…I dug out my stuff and seem to have lost all of my Hobgoblins on foot somehow. Repeated searches over the past few weeks have failed to find them.

Interested in getting 10 or so of both Archers and Warriors on foot. Figuring that I can mix them up in a unit to have either option on the table top.

In return I can offer: Hobgoblin Wolf Riders with bows or axes, Sneaky Gits, metal Warriors, Blunderbuss Warriors, Bull Centaurs, and maybe a few other things for the Chaos Dwarfs. All of which are either bare metal or undercoated with a thin layer of white paint. I also have extensive collections of vintage Dwarfs and Orcs & Goblins as well as 4th edition High Elves, 3rd and 4th edition Dark Elves, some old Eldar and lots of other things.

Please message me if you have these figures and are willing to part with them for either cash via paypal or trade.




Seeing that several people have looked at this and have not responded, I would be happy to take some pictures of whatever might be of interest and put it in a post, if I can figure out how to do that. Kind of old and clueless in that regard. Thanks.


I may be able to help - MAYBE???

I will have to check my collection, but I think I have more hobgoblins on foot, and I need more mounted hobgoblins. I will have to check.

Where are you located.


I am located in Virginia in the USA. I have 10 Wolfrider Archers and 7 with axes and shields. None have been painted and all of the wolves’ tails are intact.

Let me know and hopefully we can work out a trade.


Any luck on finding any spare Hobgoblins on foot? If not, then thanks for looking. I will just have to bite the bullet and pay through the nose on ebay for them…and collect them a few at a time as they become available.

On a side note: How much should I sell my figures for to fund the purchase of Hobgoblins on foot? I have 5 Bull Centaurs, 25 Sneaky Gits, 12 Blunderbuss, 20 Warriors with full command, 10 Wolf Rider Archers and 7 Wolf Riders with Axe and Shield. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


The going rates thread is still pretty accurate. You’ll have to go back a few pages into the thread to see the prices, but the average eBay prices are the average of what collectors and gamers alike are willing to pay for these models. From the little digging into completed auctions over the last two years, I think the numbers are accurate, but they’re definitely the prices reflective of the per-model price, so unless you’re selling or buying in bulk I’d go with those amounts as a starting place for negotiations.

The one thing to keep in mind is that there are re-sellers who tend to drive up the apparent going rate in two ways. Firstly, re-sellers have semi-permanent auctions for models at insanely inflated prices that sit for ages until someone desperate enough (or nieve enough) comes along and pays the high price. Secondly, because re-sellers plan on turning a profit on the models they buy, they tend to have winning bids on regular auctions, and with even one more person willing to put in a higher bid than the average bidder, that also servers to slightly raise the average rate of models… but not as badly as the first one noted above. I say all this so that you can keep it in mind when you’re considering negotiating on amounts.

Of course, keep in mind too that selling via CDO (or any other route) doesn’t grant either party any kind of protection (except some minimal protection if Paypal is used)… having peace of mind with the buyer protection of eBay can be worth a few $, which you can’t offer to someone in a personal deal.



I’d be interested in buying your Sneaky gits! I cannot trade anything, but got $$$!


Hi, I have about 7 archers on foot I would be willing to trade. Does this appeal to you?


G.2: Yes, seven Archers on foot appeals to me. It means that I won’t have to spend 60-80 bucks on ebay for them:).

How many Wolf Riders or other figures are you looking for in return?

My ebay account is dunnambrothersminis. Perfect feedback built up over 12 years or so. I used Bartertown years ago and never had a problem there. I would be happy to provide other information to verify that I am not a scammer. Will post pictures of what I have for sale/trade here.

Nicodemus: Thank you for the information. I will go back through and try to locate the thread that you mention. Unfortunately, I will pretty much be forced to fuel the fire as Hobgoblins are difficult to come by. Surely wish that I had not lost my hobgoblins on foot. I guess I have to pay the price for being cluttered and disorganized.

Skink: I will post a picture here of my Sneaky Gits. We can work out a price via the message service on this site.

Thanks again for the replies guys.


Trying to attach an image of my spare Chaos Dwarf figures for trade/sell. Will need to take another one of the Bull Centaurs as they are looking like white blobs rather than having a thin white base coat after being stripped and washed clean for painting.



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