[Archive] Wanted - Orc Crossbowmen

Captain Crayon:

Hey Everyone :slight_smile:

I’m chasing 4 more metal orcs with crossbows (the latest version made by games workshop)

with or without the plastic crossbows.

Have Paypal :slight_smile:


Kera foehunter:

could you please post a picture !  so that i can see if i have any

Captain Crayon:

hehe that would probably help wouldnt it :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s them, except the fella on the left. He’s converted from the old plastic arrer boys.

:slight_smile: cheers

oh and just to clarify, not those models in particular. I’m not sure how many variations there were, im chasing 4 of any variation or multiples of that edition of crossbow arrer boys :smiley:

hashuts lil helper:

I think I have some but FYI those are 2 versions ago not the latest version. I’ll look saturday

Time of Madness:

Ruglud’s orc x-bows look a lot better in my opinion. You should check those out.

Time of Madness


Hashuts lil helper is right they are 3rd ed and there are 9 different models ,see them here


Nice models ,full of character :hat

Captain Crayon:

Thats them :slight_smile:

Ruglud’s orcs are cool, but these chaps are my favourites :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

thow are cool i see why you want them!! but im sorry i don’t have any