[Archive] Wanted: Some forgeworld stuff, russian alternative, great taurus



I am new to this site (a fellow player recommended it to me) and a beginning chaos dwarf player from Germany.

I look for some models, especially the following:

infantry models (infernal guard hw/shield or fireglaives or russian alternative: only great weapon or rifles).

forge world:

bull centaurs + hero

death shrieker

iron daemon

great taurus incl. rider

Condition: Maximum basecoated, except metal models which can be painted.

Please pm me if you have one or some of these to offer. Because of possible problems with customs I can only accept shippings within europe.

Thank you.

edit: list updated, got some :smiley:


The Forgeworld stuff is kinda rare, s you probably wont get any without searching the sales forum over a long time.


Thank you for the information. I had already a notion that this could be so :wink:


PM sent

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