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I want to make an Altar of Hashut. I’ll use it in games but I’m doing it mostly because I like the idea. The idea is that the Altar is accompanied into battle by a unit of ‘victim guard’, who defend the Altar and are also sacrificed on it (either dominated by Hashut’s will or drugged beyond all measure). I was going to use just normal slave models, but I want the unit to really stand-out so I’ve decided to have the entire unit on fire and model them as burnt and disfigured.

I was wondering how people think it would be best to model the guards and also whether anyone has good techniques for sculpting flames. I’m thinking zombies might make good burn-victims, but it’s just my initial idea from a scan of the various models available.

Any ideas of advice would be cool to hear.

Pyro Stick:

Heres a few old threads about sculpting fire:





Great Pyro, thanks!

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Another question. I want to make a drum out of a skull/skulls. Something about the size of a bone giant head, but there aren’t many of those about. Does anyone know of anything of a similar size that I could use?

Pyro Stick:

The bone giant is the biggest one i can think of but what about using one of the heads from the sphinx kit.


That strikes me as a great idea, Pyro…there are a few on ebay.


Bone giants come with two heads, so it is likely that a TK player will have one lying around.


For the giant’s head, I found a few skulls in an"indonesian" shop, you know they sell all sorts of imported stuff, they were about an inch high and not bad as details go. so maybe you should think outside of the "games workshop box"

The victim guard sounds great. I’m working on a “penal” regiment that could serve the same purpose. Basic fluff is they are disgraced or just not Dawi Zharr enough and have to redeem themselves in battle or die trying