[Archive] War Banner


Is it now 35 points for us? Or is there some esoteric reason it is still 25 points (like an faq or white dwarf article or something)?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Per the big, shiny new rulebook…prices for the common magic items over-write the prices listed in individual army books regarding items duplicated in both. A Warbanner is now 35 points.


That is exactly the opposite of what the rulebook says. Page 500, 1st paragraph, "If a magic item is listed both here and in your Warhammer Armies book, use the points value printed in the latter - some races have lesser or greater access to certain magic items, which is reflected in their points value."

So what I am asking is,“Is there anywhere it spells out the points value for a War Banner specifically for Chaos Dwarfs (which is official)?”

Thommy H:

No. You use the point values in the RBRB.

Lord Fokke:

I was about to argue against the RBRB but realized we dont actually have a common item list in either of our lists, so yes, you use the standard big listing for all common items. Which also means enchanted shield is ten points less for us than it is for everyone else but OK currently.


Ravening Hordes armies took the common magic items straight out of the BRB. Subsequent army books had them listed, sometimes with altered points costs. The old BRB has now been superceded. To put it another way, anything that affects our army but is taken from another source uses the most up to date version unless it is directly superceeded by our own list. This includes WA:O&G units, war machine rules and common items

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Sorry, my brain was sleepy.  I posted it backwards - always use the army book price over the BRB.  Per the Indy list (which is what I use) the banner is 35 points.