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Hey guys, Im new here and just started picking up a CD army. I have been playing Warhammer for 13 years, mostly with High Elves. <br><br>My inspiration for starting CD is two-fold: first of all Ive faced them a couple of times in the hands of very skilled players, and I like the way the army plays: it is essentially a gunline with dynamic elements, i.e. theres more movement and more decisions to make than Dwarfs.<br><br>The second reason is actually the new Dwarf models. I really, really like the look and feel of just about everything thats come out recently. I intend to base my CD infantry on the Hammerers/Longbeards & Irondrakes/Ironbreakers kits. To give them a more CD-ish feel, I will likely swap their heads (currently Im intending to use DE executioners).<br><br>Anyways, a bit wall of text there. What I want to do for war machines is to convert as much as possible, and do so heavily. While I like the Forge World model for the Iron Daemon, I want to do the rest on my own. Im nearly finished with the Hellcannon (pics below), and I have an idea for the Deathshrieker Rocket. What Im looking for is some input on the Magma Cannon. If anyone could point me to some cool conversions, preferably using models as a base and not scratch-built as that is beyond my skill level, that would be great :)<br><br>Here are some pictures of the Hellcannon. I dont think I`ll be adding much more, just some liquid GS here and there to smooth things out. I feel that adding more spikes/details will do more harm than good:

The conversion above features parts from the Ogre Ironblaster, Chaos Chariot and Chaos Space Marines Rhino

As well as tips with regards to the magma cannon, I would of course appreciate feedback on the Hellcannon as well :slight_smile:


Suitably chaotic. I like it much. Now you need some Chaos Dwarf crewmen whipping the Gnoblars. :wink:

Be sure to fill in all gaps (especially on the cannon barrel) to achieve a smooth, complete look without flaws. This conversion deserves it!

Edit: I’ll keep an eye on this thread. I’ve some conversions going on for FW Warmachines. It’s mainly Hellcannonifying, but your concepts are groundbreaking and so far well executed. Worth to keep an eye on.


I like it, looks cool. I agree with Admiral, needs some finishing touches to give the green stuff and conversions smoothness;)


Like the admiral and yodrin said it needs be smoothed out some more. I also think the face needs be more blended with the barrel.


Thanks for the input guys :slight_smile: Its good to see that none of you are suggesting further bits to be added as this confirms my own notion that it looks good the way it is. Im very aware of the necessity for smoothing things out. The difficulty here is that the angles are so hard to work with (I was a little too eager to glue everything together to see how it looks), but Ill definitely put in some more effort here. Also, liquid greenstuff should help out greatly. With regards to the lack of CD crew on the Hellcannon, it never made sense to me why theyd crew it themselves instead of having slaves do it. As such I think Ill leave them, sorry to disappoint. <br><br>For the Magma Cannon I think the best option Ive got thus far is to use the chaos chariots platform with the Dwarf Flame Cannon as the weapon itself, complete with spikes and similar chaos bits of course. This further enhances the feeling that Ive begun with the Hellcannon for the centerpieces (i.e. war machines) of the army. So yeah, for the Magma Cannon try and imagine this: http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m460316_99110205087_DwarfFlameCannonMain_873x627.jpg coupled with this: http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m2980484a_99120201022_WoCChariots03_873x627.jpg

Thoughts? :wink:


That there is a nice take on a hellcannon. Cool stuff. I agree with you, don’t put more bits on the actual cannon itself. But I do have some suggestions (always have):

1. Crew members are only wound markers in 8th edition. So you could consider adding two more crew members. But I would really like to see a chaos dwarf engineer / overseer. How should three hobgoblin slaves control a monster like that? They need guidance and whipping.

2. I think you need to do something with that large base. Either lots of small rocks, broken trees, lava, srub and so on. Or some diorama style stuff. Like a cage with cannonfodderslaves, pile of bones or other cool stuff.

3. Smooth the green stuff out. I don’t think liquid green stuff works that well. But a small blob of miliput (another brand) and smooth it out with water on a pencil is great for it. Becomes what liquid green stuff should have been.

Other warmachines?

The sides from the chaos war shrine is good to use as sides on warmachines. The forgefiend from 40k has some really nice bits to use as barrel ends on a magma cannon.

The skaven warp lightning cannon has a great barrel.


Hey Bloodbeard, thanks for your input :slight_smile: With regards to the Hellcannon its not a war machine and as such I dont believe that is has crew members per se. I have to read up on monsters and handlers. Regardless I think its likely that Ill end up with 3 crew on separate bases :)<br><br>2. I agree. I have an idea for the base involving lava, just not sure how Ill do it just yet. I also might add something else, I like your cage idea!

3. Ill do my best as I think its crucial for the overall look and feel that it doesnt look like itst".

Thanks for the tips, Ill check out the Warshrine, Forgefiend and WLC as soon as possible :) I find that its important to see it up close, in person. For example I was contemplating using the Skullcannon but after I saw it yesterday I realized the barrel`s too small for my intended usage.


Deathshrieker conversion begun, check out this link: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=14161&pid=232794#pid232794

Im also considering the forge fiend for the Magma Cannon, but Im afraid itll deviate too much from the rest: I dont want the machine to feel mainly daemonic as I believe this should be reserved for the Hellcannon. Also, the machine-nature of the 40k model doesnt match very well with neither the Hellcannons armoured parts nor the Deathshrieker. I`m contemplating taking a closer look at the Chaos Warshrine, does anyone here have any experience converting WMs from it?


You don’t disappoint anyone with a lack of Chaos Dwarfs manning a rampaging Hellcannon. Always follow your vision of how things should be in the hobby. It’s just that big artillery pieces look darn good with lots of crewmen (and slaves) scurrying about. :slight_smile:

I look forward to whatever you decide in the end to do with the Magma Cannon.


Hehe, I think Ill add one regardless as I believe youre right it will look better that way.

I`ve been contemplating a custom Iron Daemon. The Forge World is great, but if I can get a decent concept going I think it would be easier bringing it in line with my other WMs.

I have everything figured out, apart from 2 things: big wheels and the core cylinder (kinda half the model ^^). Does anyone have any tips here? :slight_smile:


Just gave my 2 cents worth on your great death shrieker conversion in your blog thread.

I plan on making my own demonengine choo choo train too. Depending on how much must be original GW parts and if some may be homemade I have some suggestions.


I make my warmachine wheels from different sizes of plastic lids (like milkcarton lidt). Cut them thinner and add some plastic strip for details. I really like my own results.

GWs wheels have lots of details, so you really have to go overboard to get them from “lids” to cool wheels.

The boiler

This is the tricky one. I was lucky to find a monster truck / tanker truck toy. Reversed the tank makes a great boiler. I think. You should be able to find a cheap tanker truck in a toy store.

Or you could use the hellcannon barrel. That would make a rather evil boiler.

Or make it yourselfs. Start of with a plastic pipe and add details to that. Thin enough plastik strip can go around without breaking (see picture above). And some marauder shields as lids here and there.

And if you are getting a forge fiend anyways - that devil has some really nice chimneys on the back.

Check out this post in my blog for my hellcannon. You could perhaps use some of that stuff for inspiration:


Check out his totally awe inspiring train project in his forge of unfinished buissness. Coolest irondemon out there.


That scratchbuilt WIP Iron Daemon of yours is great, Bloodbeard. Smart way to create spoked wheels, that’s always something I’ve been unsure about how to fix without copious work.

Bonus points for faces in the cylinder. Go Hellcanon style!

Olannon, I’ve no idea in what GW kit you can find big wheels that could fit. I guess the Hurricanum wheels are too small?


Liquid greenstuff might be an idea, but first I’d carefully trim any greenstuff that’s a bit messy.

For example above the face plate that bit could be tidied up.

Otherwise looking very nice.

I really like your idea for the magma cannon btw.  That could work. but imo the flame cannon chassis won’t fit well with the back of the chariot.  You’ll need to build an undercarriage underneath the platform where the gunner is standing and stick the dwarf wheels under there.  Otherwise the different heights won’t work.  But that would be easy and it should work.


Thanks a lot bloodbeard, wonderful inspiration here :slight_smile: The link you posted shows exactly what I was contemplating: how a Hellcannon kit can combine with a Forgefiend. It looks like it shouldnt be too hard, even though Im miles away from that level of greenstuff skill. I dont want a classical locomotive as such though, I very much prefer the FW-style with big wheels in front and an open platform at the back. Regardless, this should be doable. <br><br>Also your Hellcannon looks really cool :) Im not that good with custom stuff so Ill have to base my things largely on existing parts and try my best to make it look like it belongs on a single model with greenstuff. <br><br>As for wheels on my ID, I think Ill need 2 sets of the big Hellcannon wheels in front. While not quite as bad-ass as the Forgeworld ones, I dont think Ill be able to find or create anything better myself.

The magma cannon idea was basically “spent” creating the Deathshrieker Rocket. I don`t feel like repeating this, but in light of recent events regarding the ID, I will likely purchase a forgefiend whos main barrel could be a very good starting point for a magma cannon. I sort of have an idea for the rest of the model as well, just not sure what parts could be viable.


Harumph. The big Hellcannon wheels are the most badass there is. But I thought you’d stick to plastic kits, so I didn’t mention them. :wink:

Nice ideas otherwise here.


Having spent literally hours surfing through everything GW produces for both fantasy and 40k Ive settled with the fact that plastic simply wont do for an Iron Daemon. I guess I`ll have to challenge my conversion skills a bit :wink:


It’s for the better. No Chaos Dwarf army should be without at least parts of the Hellcannon model or its crew. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hear you!

Thanks a lot for your invaluable input everyone, especially Bloodbeards last reference (here, have a slave :) ): as Im not known around this forum it`s great to have you all to point out the gems around here. I must say this forum has surprised me positively, which is a very good thing!


I know you’ve got it lined up for a deathshrieker, but the forgefiend is the perfect size for a hellbound iron daemon.



Grimstonefire - the Deathshrieker is already completed, so Ill be looking at using the parts left over from the ID conversion for the Magma Cannon. Im still unsure about this concept though, as all I can think about at the moment is the ID. Thanks for the link to your thread, lots of inspirational stuff :slight_smile:

I want to keep the non-Hellbound war machines less daemonic overall than the Hellbound ones. If the Hellcannon + Iron Daemon can have a different feel than the Deathshrieker + Magma Cannon, consider me a happy camper ^^