[Archive] War machines without babysitters


Are daemonsmith babysitters really necessary to make our war machines effective?

Does anybody consider that it might be just as good (or close enough) to use the points of a daemonsmith babysitter in something else?

Thanks in advance for your comments.


No, they’re not necessary. Our warmachines are pretty much as reliable as most other armies. The deathshrieker can be quite accurate without one with it’s special rule.

However, for the sake of ~100 points (depending on equipment) your Daemonsmith can support two warmachines quite happily making them more reliable and can assist in defence against war machine hunters. On top of this he’s an extra spell caster and a scroll/chalice caddy.

The only time I won’t take one is if I’m using a combat centred army or my Prophet is hanging back with the war machine using lore of metal.


He also protects your machines from fast cav and such with just basic fireball. In a machine list he is a must


What if I am playing a game with special rules where there is no spellcasting? Basically, we’re skipping the Magic phase, so the only benefits of the Daemonsmith would be the war machine re-roll and limited defence against war machine hunters. No extra spell-caster, no scroll/chalice caddy, no additional chance of channeling. Would the Daemonsmith be worth its approx. 100 points?

I’d like to use a defensive machine list with some mobile units on the wings; i.e. K’daai and Wolf Riders. Would this list be viable?


Even at his base value, not considering magic I’d say he’s worth it if you’re playing a defensive machine list. However, if you have other units to protect your warmachines he becomes less valuable. The reroll itself is probably worth about 25 points on its own but I’d also say it’s more valuable on different war machines where the Daemonsmith can chose any one dice to reroll.

I use mine between a Magma Cannon and a Deathshriker. I normally fire the Magma Cannon first as it only has one dice to roll and normally always hits so it’s only a misfire I’m looking out for, then I fire the Deathshrieker which has two dice I may want to reroll either to get a good hit as long as the reroll wasn’t used already (also the deathshrieker is cheaper to lose on a misfire).


MLP, I use my Daemonsmith in exactly the same way. It works well, and I like the flexibility of having two different types of warmachines.

I have just remembered that the Daemonsmith is also a requirement to include any K’daai. I think I will use a Lvl 1 Daemonsmith as my General even if he won’t cast any spells.


I love the re roll, there are games that I don’t have to use them, and he seldom cast any spell at all but I do love him very mugh. Many a time he has turned a crucial scatter of my hell cannon into a hit. Sometimes he channels that extra die in the magic face and that should also no be forgotten.

Even if he wasn’t allowed any spells I would still bring him. Very worth his points indeed.


Indeed, he is still a capable fighter with a decent strength, toughness and armour save.