[Archive] War Mammoth w/ Warshrine


So, this is chaos-y, but not chaos dwarf-y, so it seemed like a better idea to stick it here.  Here’s my conversion of a Chaos War Mammoth with a Warshrine on its back.  I initially had no intentions of fielding a war mammoth until I read Tamurkhan and saw that you could give it a warshrine-- thus giving it a 5+ ward save (4+ if you give it the mark of Tzeentch), 8 leadership, 4 more wounds, blessing units on the battlefield, etc.  I used a large schleich war elephant, made a scratch-built howdah from twigs in my backyard, used various chaos shields, a banner from here, left over bits from the Skaven HP Abomination and Plague Claw kits, and some barbed wire, rocks, sticks, etc.  Lemme know what you think so far!

top portion

banner (daemon reaching through banner into reality)


size reference


I saw that mammoth in a store last week weeks ago, and thought the exact same thing!!!

I think it’s a great idea, although in the store I was trying to see if the ‘skullcap’ and ‘ankle covers’ could be removed. Can they be? The reason I ask is that having a howdah made of rough timber kind of clashes with the ankle/skullcap/tusk metalwork.

However, a great idea - I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

Time of Madness:

Looks great is that a 100X150 base? Where did you pick up the elephant?

Time of Madness


Looking good so far. What game is the elephant from?


I picked one up at Toys R Us, but you can get one here: http://www.amazon.com/Schleich-Fighter-Elephant-with-Rider/dp/B004GXE8PA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1321884438&sr=8-1 It’s not from a game system-- It’s just a toy made by a German company, I believe.

The base is 160 x 200. I just cut a movement tray to fit the elephant. The skullcap wouldn’t be too hard to remove, but the chain around the head and the ankle bracers would not be easy to get rid of without some serious cutting and re-sculpting.

I may still try to paint this up by the end of the month for brush slave…


this is very nice, but the thing that is confusing me is that you have a christmas tree up already! but then again, it is only a month and 4 days away.

it is nice to see that people are using things other than gw or forge world, seeing as it will save you about £150. is there a website for schleich, becase there isnt much on the internet?


Very nice elephant!

I’m eager to see yours finished!

@ theforgefather: Here is the link of the Schleich company!



Great stuff! I was wondering if that was an Xmas tree too!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

this is very nice, but the thing that is confusing me is that you have a christmas tree up already!

LOL seconded! :D

Nice conversion so far... putting all the fur on that elephant will be a tough job though...


Certainly much much cheaper than the forgeworld option! Looking forward to seeing this completed!


yeah… I’ll probably skip the fur.  Too labor intensive for something that probably won’t make much difference.  I already have it primed-- hoping to start work on it tonight.

That is indeed a Christmas tree.  The kids wanted it up as soon as Halloween was over.  I’ve held them off from decorating so far, but I get the feeling we’ll be breaking out the ornaments on Thursday or Friday…


Type in Woolly Mommoth toy on Google and in about 30 seconds you will find a bunch of stuff that might work, just need to contact the seller and ask for dimensions.


yeah... I'll probably skip the fur.
Looks fine without fur imo. Your WoC have clearly been raiding far to the south and picked up an oliphaunt :)


Alrighty, here’s the finished mammoth. Enjoy! :smiley:


-drools- That thing is beautiful

Two things, where did you get it/what is it called?

And how big is that base, I want to make one just like that, even if my painting’s aweful in comparison


Hey! The final result is much better than what I would have thought! It really looks bad**s

Minor comment can go to the base, I don’t exactly know how to say it in english however: fill the base to the top. Because currently the elephant looks like is sinking in a rectangle rather than walking on a battlefield


I saw one of these for sale at a ‘Loadza Toys’ this evening for $40 CAN.