[Archive] War of the Ring. Anyone play it?


Apparently WH 8th ed plays very similar to this in places. I’ve never played it, so I don’t know where the similarities could begin.

Any thoughts?

This info coming from someone who has actually read though the book. :wink:

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I haven’t been able to play a decent game of it yet (due to a lack of funds causing a lack of models), but know it fairly well.

I don’t know exactly all of the details of the WH 8th edition rumours (not keeping up with it too much at this stage), but the rumour about random charge distances is the same principle as the charge phase of WotR.

Getting to fight in two ranks could be seen as similar: WotR trays fight against each other and are supported by any other trays in the formation that are not in contact with the enemy (lending +1A, or +2 with the Mob Rule). Think of the trays as WH models and it sounds similar-ish…

Fear/Terror affecting combat resolution is similar-ish again: In WotR Terror gives a Courage (Leadership type) test and, if failed, attacks are lost by the enemy and/or gained by the Terror-causer. Wounds are the only way of getting combat resolution in it, hence the similarity.

I’ll look at the rumours for more comments.


Is fear in WoTR? What happens then?

Do the formations have to be a particular shape/ size to get those benefits? That is sounding very similar to the rumours…

Time of Madness:

Units in WOTR are in trays. There are cav trays and infantry trays. Each tray has a set number of slots for models.

One Infantry tray is 8 models. And most units can have a max of 9 trays. So for example its not uncommon to see units of 72 goblins (9 trays).

WOTR is a faster pace game and is easier to learn/play.

I hope they take the best aspects of WOTR and use them for the new 8th edition. I’d hate to see them take everything from WOTR and move it to 8th edition.

Time of Madness

Hashut’s Blessing:

There is no fear and no minimum formation size to aquire any special rules.

Actually, it’s about half and half with the number of companies per formation: They are almost all a maximum of 6 or 9 (9 usually for weaker ones). You get the models’ attacks that have their trays in base contact with the enemy (usually 8 for infantry and usually 2 for cavalry, unless wounds have been taken) and add the difference of your Fight values (if yours is higher). A failed Terror test makes your Fight 0, hence the extra attacks and likely extra combat resolution (although how much you beat them by is irrelevant, as long as you do beat them. Like 40k combat: most wounds wins). Any tray in the formation not in abse contact is said to be “supporting”, so add one attack, instead of all of them (but formations with the mob rule, usually goblins who can be in 9 company formations, get +2 instead).

So, Terror isn’t like the new proposed rule other than it MAY add to combat resolution.


Is fear in WoTR?  What happens then?

I have a 2k Fallen Realms army and am building a 1k Elf Army.
very fun game.

As HB said, WoTR doesn't have fear just Terror.  If you want to charge a Terror causer you make a courage test (2d6 plus your courage value and you need to get 10 or more).  If you pass all good, otherwise you fail to charge.
If you're getting charged by a terror causer you make a Terror test and if you fail your fight is reduced to 0.
Some of the other rules seem similar to some of the rumours for the new Warhammer though, such as random charge range and some of the command rules.

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wallacer: Got a theme for the Fallen Realms? I’m aiming for Eastelrings and Dwarves atm :smiley: Girlfriend is collecting Elves and “some evil”.

wallacer has mentioned something I spoke about elsewhere in that the random charge range is from WotR, but it has its own phase (which could be the discussed changes tot he order of pahses?) and the command can affect movement (Musician is +1 movement [but not charge], banner bearer allows re-roll of charge


wallacer: Got a theme for the Fallen Realms?

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No not really, other than they're all painted in a uniform way (Vallejo Blood Red). I chose Fallen Realms because they have such a wide variety of very nice miniatures they can use. I chose Elves because they are the good army that I think has the best figures (the High Elf plastics are superb). I wanted a good and evil army so I can run practice games.

If you think anyone would be interested I could take some photos and stick them in off topic showcase?

Hashut’s Blessing:

At the risk of derailing this thread, I know I would :smiley: I have been meaning to take photos of my stuff (including retaking pictures of my CDs :smiley: ), but I need to collate my armies into one place (which will happen each weekend for the ext few weeks :smiley: ). Also, I have some plastic High Elves if you’re interested? 8 swords and 8 bows unpainted and 6 swords and 6 bows painted with basing (basic painting)… (PM if interested, lol :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyhow, on-topic :smiley: it seems that GW are drawing from some of the successes that WotR players have enjoyed, however, Ihope that they’ve playtested, proof-read and read-from-new-eyes the whole new rulebook. The WotR book has everything’s price in isolation from the rest (Arwen and Thranduil cost the same, but Thranduil has better stats and better Epic Actions and the same casting profile), has a lot of things that need to be FAQed (that’s not even a word! Such as Legendary Formations: a surprising number read it as having to pay the first number of points to be able to take the formation and then to take even the first company, you must also pay the second cost…) and plenty of errors (such as Ugluk’s Raiders having shields and them not being shown in the profile).