[Archive] Wardiggers


This week, my kids insisted on participating in a game of Warhammer, so we played a small cut-down (and very unbalanced) game of CDs vs WEs, followed by WE vs DE. In each game, I gave them options and a rough idea of the consequences, and then they rolled the dice.

This afternoon, my son (aged 4) asked me to play a game he had made up. It involved diggers fighting each other. He measured out the movement for each one, told me what numbers I needed to roll to hit and wound,then saves were taken, which was all sounding very familiar. To distribute the wounds he would throw a piece of cardboard at the digger and then tell me what damage had been caused. This went on for a few rounds until my digger had been destroyed by his. All very fun, none-the-less.

He still does not have the patience or strategic skills needed for Warhammer, and it will be a while until he does, but I had much more fun with the later game - at least I wasn’t worrying about the models getting crushed by a irresponsible knee or elbow as he leapt around the edges of the battlefield.


There are several times that I wish Warhammer was toned down to play more easily with my kids. While it still would probably be too complex for a four-year-old, I play Kings of War with my 10-year-old and he pretty well has all the rules memorized! :wink: