[Archive] wargaming venue?


evening gents!

quite a vague question and more details later, but am looking for feedback, possibly some input and ideas as to what makes the perfect wargaming venue?

at the moment i sit happily between 2 clubs, i prefer the modelling painting side and do get bored of rolling to play “pitched battle”

I then got into a protracted discussion with a wargaming buddy the other afternoon, he is a very keen tournament player, and it would seem we both look to the same things in a venue.

the clubs where i go at the moment, 1 is in a pub the other a community hall, pros and cons at both and i don’t want to knock either place, i like them both and recognise the work of both clubs.

but if a venue could be geared for wargaming what appeals to the public and how important?

this isn’t a store with a gaming area, but a gaming venue with a store


My club is a section of the local working men’s club. Bar, food, plenty of room, lots of car parking.

If by public you mean the general public I think what appeals is somewhere they feel safe leaving their kids for the day. Adult supervision, enough room and preferably kids their own age they can meet up with and make friends with.

As for the gamers themslves they mostly like the ample room and the onsite bar and food facilities.


Last time I was in a gaming club it was in my Student Union. albeit it didn’t last there, to many other students taking the mick, they moved to a room at the back.


the project starts!



Not sure where you are but I go to the Northern Gaming Centre in Stockport. It was started by the guys who run the Marple Marauders and is pretty much a gaming venue with a shop, bar and cafe attached. loads of tables and caters for all sorts of games not just GW stuff. They regularly host tournaments and has a good cross section of gamers and hobbyists who regularly attend. Woth looking in on if you get the opportunity some time.

The only other experience of this type was Heroes Games and Hobbies in Reno Nevada (USA) which was similar in size though was more a shop with a gaming area than a gaming venue with a shop.

Good places both though i realise that as you’re in the UK a trip to Reno to see how they do it may be a bit of a tall order :wink: