[Archive] Wargrounds 2011 / 1000 p Indy GT


This year we will play a WF battle campaign “Wargrounds 2011”.

1000 point starting army split in 2 banners.

No magical items, rare units and lords.


Chaos dwarf slavemaster, shild (General)

19 x CD Warriors, FC, GW

6 x Bull Centaurs, 2HW, musician

1 x Death Rocket

498 p


Daemonsmith, shild (need him to get 75 points magical items in the winter season)

18 x Obsidian Guards, FC, GW

10 x Annihilators, shild, musician  (my first thougts to small??)

496 p

What do you think about this list?


apart from the missing 'e’s in shield looks like it could stand up yup!

Maybe get the annihilators up to 18ish and drop the obsidian guard down?


Thx, and sry for the missing ´e´s. Just play the campaign with the list, and hope that it works.


looks good to me , best of luck :slight_smile:


first 6 month ended
1.banner: a draw and a win against Lizardmen. Only lost 3 Chaos Dwarfs in this two games.
The second banner just threaten the skaven in the north. (“thx to the Annihilators”)
My problem: “2-front-battle”
Just gain 1700 new points in the winter season. So I think that i will upgrade my Daemonsmith to a high priest lvl 3 with shadow, and invest some points: 1 earthshaker,3 (or 6) goloums, 40 hobgoblins,20 Annihilators with chaos armor and shield…
min banner: 500 Points
max banner 1500 points


My new thoughts spending the 1300 Points into the 2 banners: (1700 p-300 p logistic -100 p corruption)

1 x Slavemaster, Great Weapon
1 x Daemonsmith, Shield, Hexacon of Hashut
25 x Chaos Dwarfs, Great Weapon, FC
5 x Hobg.Wolf R., Spears, Musician
6 x Bull Centaurs, Additional HW, Chaos Armor, Musician
1 x Death Rocket
774 points

2.banner ("main-battle"banner)
1 High Priest L3, Shadow, Dispel Scroll
1 Slavemaster, BSB, Scale Mail of Gaz.
24 Obsidian G., Great Weapon, FC
19 Annihilators, Chaos Armor, Shield, FC
40 Hobgoblins, Musician
1 Earthshaker
3 Inferno Golems, Construct W.
1482 points

75 points magical items: Hexacon of Hashut, Dispel Scroll, Scale Mail of Gaz.

What do you think about this 2 banners, and the magical items?