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After the arival of the 25th anniversary stuff that GW has put out I have noticed that when I was collecting my early warhammer books I seem to have been misslead by a website that had stated the hardback 1st ed rolplay was the 1st ed battle book but now I have done more searching (which I should have done earlier!!) and found that it was actually a 3 pb book box set same as the 2nd edition!

So if anyone knows where I can buy one of these or has one that they would like to sell to a good home! Please contact me… it is most annoying to think you have all the early books and then to find out you are missing 1 box set!!

I appreciate any help finding this set.


You can usually find the 1st Ed Warhammer Box Set on Ebay. I was able to pick up a copy about a year ago, but I’ve seen a few since then.

If you are a rules completist though, just the Warhammer box set won’t be enough as there are no army lists with it. There is a supplemental boxed set called “The Forces of Fantasy” that has the army lists along with supplementary rules and scenarios.


Thanks GRNDL… I am a collector with the aim to have all the warhammer fantasy battle stuff from 1st through to what ever they wish to release (hopefully CHAOS DWARF SOON!!) and I am so close!! I will add “the foces of fantasy” to my shopping list also and keep an eye on ebay.

EDIT: Woohoo! I just got The Forces of Fantasy on ebay for 49ponds! complete with all books and box in fair condition! Still none of the other 1st ed boxes that I can find… if anyone else spots one please let me know.

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