[Archive] Warhammer 40000 Carnage


You guys got a tablet? Try this:

Warhammer 40,000 Carnage Official Trailer - YouTube

I’m not a Space Marine fan but I got to admit that smashing your way through hundreds of foaming Orks impersoning a three meters tall super-human (with Metal/Rock music in the background) DOES feel good :D! The game is highly addictive and features Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Space Wolves as selectable characters. Each of them has unique wargear and traits. Tons of unlockables as well! I downloaded the game yesterday and couldn’t simply put it down.

As a side discussion, why has it ALWAYS got to be warhammer 40k? This very same game would have worked perfectly with a Dwarf Ironbreaker fighting the canonical 10k Goblins with runic weaponry… Why when it comes down to Fantasy games are always got to be GDRs or Real Time Tactics? Bring back Golden Axe!


Thanks Skink. I’m gonna give this a go when i get my tablet back - I’ve lend it to a friend locked up at a mental hospital.

I played Storm of Vengeance a bit. But I think that game was rather broken actually. The space marines was by far the best of the armies and with the Dreadnought and the Terminator they could win anything.

I would simply wish they could sell some more Warhammer lincenses. They are so many 40k games coming out!

Hoping for some news on Total War: Warhammer soon.