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Im going to gamesday at the birmingham NEC in a week or two and i was wondering is it worth picking up warhmmer ancient battles and is it playable alongside wfb.


Depends what you want from it really. It follows a lot of the rules from previous versions of Warhammer (so not like 8th) but troops have much more similar stats (so virtually everyone is 1 attack, etc). Its more like historical.


It reminds me a lot of 4th edition Warhammer. My son and I have small armies from the Shieldwall supplement. If you like historical gaming, give it a try. It was pretty easy to learn because it had many similarities to WFB.


Apparently it is a slightly altered version of 5th ed Warhammer (which was really only 4th with a few changes itself). I think it is meant to be played with 20mm models only, but I expect you could easily play with most current armies as a stand-in.

Thommy H:

It can be played with models of any scale, but it’s optimised for 28mm, like Warhammer.


I remeber someone (I am not sure if it was from these Forums or not) stating that the new version of ‘Warhammer Ancient Battles’, has a really good seige section in it, which can be incorporated in WFB games. So maybe it is worth having a look at. But this was back when WFB was in its 7th Edition.


It can be played with models of any scale, but it's optimised for 28mm, like Warhammer.

Thommy H
Meaning "measurements are in inches, not cms", but you're quite right, its easily configurable for other scales so long as the movement measurements are scaled proportionately. At least with the older edition of WAB - I was gearing up for some 15mm WAB. Not sure how the new rules stack up though.


I’ve tried the new ancients rules using Greeks vs Persians, and I absolutely loved them. Not perfect, nothing is, but very intuitive, fun, and just the right pace.

Blue in VT:

I’ve been trying to get some folks in my area interested in historical gaming…but my part of Vermont is 40k dominated and I’m not having much luck…:frowning:

I’ve picked up the Warhammer English Civil War supplement and started to assemble a Parliamentarian Army…but with no opponents I’m not sure I will continue.

The rules look very staight fwd and remind me a lot of 4th edition…as mentioned above. Any WFB player would pick them up very quickly. One of the great things about historical gamming…is the price of the figures…oh so cheap! when compared with the current offerings from GW. Also historical figures are going through the “plastic revolution” the WFB and 40k went through several years ago…so prices are actually getting cheaper for some time periods.




I saw the warlord games plastics in my local gaming store and I like the figures alot by their more pre darkage roman period figures which isn’t really what I want does anyone know of and dark age armies (plastic) ie Saxons,Normans,Picts,ulster ect


Vaguely related to this, apparently FW are producing a couple of books soon on WWII. Possibly written by Rudgie. From what I hear these books have been ‘in production’ for at least a year, maybe 2.