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After starting the (not yet so popular) fishman thread, I thought I’d make an armylist. As previously said, it’s mostly a modyfied lizardman list.

People are welcome to help.

I have thought of this:

Special Rules:

Aquatic: Living in water, all units in the fishman list are aquatic and treats water as open terrain. They also benefit from soft cover while in water.

Non-Cold blooded: Fishmen are not cold blooded. They do however get an additional +1LD bonus to their lizardman profiles.

Fighting near water: The fishmen may place a 6x6" water feature anywhere on his side of the table exactly like a wood lef player may place a forest.


Cthulhu - Slann Mage Priests.

I had these creatures in mind before Ishkur told me, but I didn’t know that they actually existed in fantasy literature. I’m thinking sea shell palanquin, either levitating like the current slann or carried aloft by sharkmen like the previous edition slann. Gamewise, it doesn’t matter, as a slann will almost never get into close combat.

Fishmen Great Shamen - Lvl 3 Skink priests, that can be upgraded to Lvl 4.

I think that not having a fighty lord is quite fitting. This cheaper mage lord is also a nice alternative to the redicolously expensive slann.


Fishmen Shamen - Skink priests

Fishmen chieftains - Skink chiefs

Sharkmen Heroes - Scar Vaterans, may not ride cold one, but may ride a leviathan at 260pts, taking up a rare choice (Skink heroes can ride a stegadon, so why not. There’s no lord to ride them anyway)

Pretty much like it should be.


Fishmen Scouts - Skink Skirmishers

Sharkmen Scouts - Saurus Warriors (Skirmishers)

WTF? Skirmishing saurus warriors? I think it would be funny only to have skirmishing core choices.

0-1 Sea Swarms - Jungle Swarms


Sharkmen Guard - Temple Guard

Sharkmen Warriors - Saurus Warriors (Ranked)

Fishmen Warriors - Skinks (Ranked)

Great Lobstermen - Kroxigors (4A, No great weapons)

These would just be plain awsome. Changes are to represent their strong claws.


Something to count as salamanders. Maybe giant horseshoe crabs?

Leviathan - (Modified Stegadon)


There are many foul creatures lurking in the oceans of the old world, but none as foul as the gruesome leviathans. These hulking creatures comes in many shapes. Most commonly sea snakes, giant octupuses or naval dinosaur-like creatures.

Leviathan: M6 WS4 BS0 S5 T6 W7 I3 A5 LD6

Sharkman Rider: M- WS3 BS0 S4 T4 W- I1 A2 LD8

A Leviathan takes up a rare choice.

A leviathan has a unit strenght of 8, and is mounted on a chariot base and are ridden by a Sharkman Rider.


A hulking beast like a Leviathan does not need any equipment, although it’s thick scales grants it an armour save of 4+

The rider is armed with a spear and a shield, giving the model a total save of 3+

Special rules:

Terror, Large Target, D6+1 impact hits, Immune to panic, Stubborn, Magic Resistance (1)

Notes: The wounds and movement values of the rider is included in the profile of the leviathan. The whole piece is treated like a single model.

Special Characters

The Kraken…300pts

The mighty Kraken is the greatest and most inteligent Leviathan seen to date. It is known to have wrecked ships on it’s own, and is feared by sailors of the old world.

Most known is the kraken for it’s countless battles between Luthor Harkon and his zombie pirate-crew. It was in one of these battles it lost it’s eye to a shot from Luthor’s Pride and Joy, the mighty cannon, Queen Bess

Kraken: M6 WS5 BS0 S6 T6 W7 I3 A5 LD9

Kraken has a unit strenght of 8, comes on a chariot base and takes up a lord and a rare choice.

If Kraken is chosen in a fishman army, No Cthulhu (Slann Mage Priests) may be taken, In addition all m odels in such an army hates all zombie pirate models. If taken, the Kraken must be the army general. The Kraken must be used exactly as represented here and may not be given any upgrades or equipment.


As with any other leviathans, Kraken’s hide is almost impenetrable. Kraken has a scaly skin save of 3+

Special rules:

Terror, Large Target, D6+1 impact hits, Immune to panic, Stubborn, Magic Resistance (2), Eternal hatred against Zombie Pirates.

I have always found the idea of Monster lords immensely cool. Think of Treeman Ancients and Shaggoth Lords. Maybe The Kraken should be a Lvl2 wizard. It sounds all right to me, but it should be 350 points, then?

Please help me with names and please come with a lot of suggestions. You are also welcome to write fluff for the fishmen. My idea is that they are worshippers of the lizardman god of water, which explains the similar stats, but please come with other fluff if you want. Remember that I intend to release a small range of fishman miniatures, including skinks, sharkmen, shamen and sea swarms.


- Kyte


You coud turno Cthulu into a special chatacter

Ishkur Cinderhat:

If you make your set of rules, you should simulate somehow that fishmen excel at crossing water but are slower on land. Maybe at least for the bigger monsters.