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So after an seemingly unending stream of Horus Heresy stuff we finally get a Warhammer Forge Newsletter :Yay!:

It’s Goblins :Bof!:

anyway here it is in all its glory

Hi there,

Over the past few months we�?Tve had some great Warhammer Forge releases, most on a monstrous scale! This week we�?Tre going to shrink things down a little with the release of a new resin character set for the malicious and spiteful Night Goblins, which is available to pre-order now.

Night Goblin Command Set

Prevalent throughout the Old World, the Night Goblins of the Worlds Edge Mountains have developed into a sun-hating sub-species of the greenskin race. Considered particularly vicious and cruel for their kind, they are infamous for their cultivation of dangerously hallucinogenic fungus and their skill at rearing the bizarre and improbable Cave Squigs.

Individually cowardly, when Night Goblins gather in massed ranks they are renowned for their maliciousness, and it is the Night Goblin Warbosses and Big Bosses that most epitomise this bullying spite, having risen to their position through treachery and backstabbing. In battle it is common for one of a Warboss�?Ts underlings to be given a tattered, filthy and terribly ostentatious battle standard. Unlike the proud colours carried by other armies, the primary function of this banner is not as a symbol to rally around, but instead to boast of the power and majesty of the Warboss himself.

The most powerful (or most foolhardy) of these warlords sometimes ape the heroes of other races, and ride to battle on Great Cave Squigs, hand-reared at the cost of many dozens of Night Goblin handlers. The natural ferocity and toughness of these obnoxious beasts is also often augmented by crude armour plating, bolted and nailed to the Squig�?Ts thick hide.

Night Goblin Shamans are sinister and crazed individuals, due to their consumption of huge quantities of the powerfully hallucinogenic fungus for which the Night Goblins are renowned. Their spells are malicious and spiteful, much like the Goblins themselves, and often accompanied by unnecessary additional effects such as puffs of oddly coloured smoke, obnoxious smells, and overly loud bangs.

The Night Goblin Command Set, designed by Keith Robertson, contains three multi-part resin models: a Night Goblin Warboss on Great Cave Squig, a Night Goblin Boss carrying a Battle Standard, and a Night Goblin Shaman. All are packed with fantastic and characterful details, from the severed beards and skulls of slain Dwarfs, to the heroic, martial pose of the Warboss and the malicious grin of the Squig he�?Ts riding, to the sign of the �?~bad moon�?T forming in the smoke billowing from the mouth of the Shaman.

This fantastic character set is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 25th January.


Ead Brown

Customer Service Manager

Forge World

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Kera foehunter:

I like the Great Cave Squig . But not found of the banner barrier or the shaman.

Singleton Mosby:

Nice models for sure but man are they expensive!


I didn�?Tt think they were too bad really when you consider that the Finecast Goblin warbos on a giant squig is £15 and the plastic shaman is £6, and I much prefer these sculpts.

My only disappointment is when I saw the Warhammer Forge logo at the top of the email my first thought was �?oK�?TDaai!�?�




Would rather seen a K’daii released yes, but I i think the models look good!


They look good enough to get, so much later this year when hopefully more Cd stuff is out it could be a present for next xmas


Nice gobs, allways loved them (and even painted little army 10 years ago ^_^)

Want to paint the BSB

Time of Madness:

Love the BSB! Fills a need for the army as well, assuming you want a night goblin bsb.

Time of Madness

Kera foehunter:

I just hate night Goblins…They are like Dwarfed Hobgoblins…

sorry guys