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            In today�?Ts newsletter we delve into the stygian depths of the Warhammer world to bring you a fiendish new Night Goblin weapon �?" the terrifyingly bizarre Squig Gobba. We�?Tve also got an events update for those of you lucky enough to get tickets to the (now sold out!) Horus Heresy Weekender.

Night Goblin Squig Gobba
The Squig Gobba, as it is known by the common soldiery of the Empire, is a fearsome sight amongst the Orc & Goblin hordes. Dragged and prodded onto the battlefield by its malevolent Night Goblin tenders, it is a huge beast with an oversized gaping maw, a set of extremely powerful lungs and a ravenous appetite to rival even that of a Troll! With the Squig Gobba heavily chained into position to prevent it bounding off after the first tasty morsel it spies, its tenders start dragging lesser squigs from the cages surrounding them as battle is joined, slicking these vicious beasts with foul-tasting noxious liquids. This not only renders the creatures senseless for a short time, but also prevents the Squig Gobba from immediately swallowing them as the stunned squigs are unceremoniously stuffed into its jaws!

Soon the Squig Gobba�?Ts mouth will be full to bursting point, with thick globs of frothing acidic saliva dribbling constantly forth. Then it is only a matter of time before one of two things happen: either the Squig Gobba will vomit forth its mouthful of now monumentally furious lesser kin, causing chaos and panic on a grand (and thoroughly disgusting) scale amongst the enemy army�?Ts ranks; or the great beast itself will explode in a blazing fireball, as the Night Goblin �?~concoctions�?T that coat the squigs react spectacularly with the Squig Gobba�?Ts stomach juices.

The Night Goblin Squig Gobba is a multi-part resin kit designed by Keith Robertson. This improbable war �?~machine�?T is packed with detail, from the terrified squig being lifted into the maw of the Squig Gobba, and the variously panicked and angry munitions being spat into the air, to the cruel and sneaky Night Goblin tenders themselves. This fantastic kit is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 31st May, and you can download a set of experimental rules from the Forge World website now.

Forge World Events News
The Horus Heresy Weekender �?" Now Sold Out!
On the 18th and 19th of May, Forge World and the Black Library will descend upon The Nottingham Belfry Hotel for the ultimate Horus Heresy getaway. As we�?Tve previously mentioned, not only will there be a new Event Only model available for the first time, but Weekender attendees will also be the first in the world to have the chance to buy the next Primarch miniature we are releasing; the third of our collectable Horus Heresy Character Series �?" Simon Egan�?Ts incredible Fulgrim the Illuminator, Primarch of the Emperor�?Ts Children Legion.
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and there are rules to download :slight_smile:



EDIT: Having read the rules I’m tempted to start an O&G army just to field one of these beauties! They sound great fun :slight_smile:


As someone who plays Goblins, I can say that there is no way this would fit into my already horrendously overcrowded Rare slot. It’s even more unreliable than my other warmachines, costs half again as much, and with only S4 hits, doesn’t deal with the kinds of targets I need it to. 'Tis a pity really, as the model is hilarious!


Love it!

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Love the model. would be great as a stand in rocklobber. (no such a fan of the rules.)


Love it! Only a sourpuss dislikes squigs.


Really great mini, and really funny rules when you read it.

But still, i must agree 120 points are very expensive for something which won’t do many damages and has many risks.

If it was possible to choose to charge something with it, with the 3d6 attacks, why not. But right now if it breaks free, it charges the ennemy once, and then disapear. That’s a bit of a punishment with a beast like that. A free giant squig would more probably rampage everything around him !

Far too unreliable for this cost. You already have animosity and low Leadership to deal with.


I was hoping it would gob squigs, not squig gobs.

But it is a nice and satisfyingly nuts model.

Kera foehunter:

hope your sitting down

Kera gives here approval Big thumbs up

Da Crusha:

this guy wouldn’t be a bad hellcannon.

Kera foehunter:

this guy wouldn't be a bad hellcannon.

Da Crusha
Great idea :hat off


That’s exactly what i thought…maybe this’l become my first forgeworld model - if i ever get around starting my CD army :smiley:

A giant squig puking small squigs - so full of win!!


this guy wouldn't be a bad hellcannon.

Da Crusha

Singleton Mosby:

Great idea indeed using him as a Hellcannon. :hat off