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there has been a big Warhammer LARP event near Moskow, with over 20 different races present. Here some info and pics:

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More pics:




Saw these on facebook. Looks quite like fun I’d say.


Plus, the Steam Tank & the Doomwheel are nothing short than epic :slight_smile:


Looks like a blast. I am somewhat surprised that they have such a large number of people involved. Some very nice costume work throughout! Would be nice to have the time to spare to go crazy with that scale of model building.


Games Workshop IP lawyers issuing “cease and desist” in 3, 2, 1…


Games Workshop IP lawyers issuing "cease and desist" in 3, 2, 1...

Nah the Warhammer Larps has run for close to a decade all over europe. Some smaller, some bigger. Different rules, different organizers but all in the old world. Normally its 95% Empire troops, and 60% decent costumes, so these pictures showcases the better end of the scale. Looks good though. I have seen better individual costumes, but there are some good ones in here as well.


60% decent costumes? Looking at most of the Krigslive scenarios from Denmark I would say the costumes are close to 100%.

Krigslive have been running for a decade yeah, a lot of games run. Never had any trouble, they’re all non profit.


Games Workshop IP lawyers issuing "cease and desist" in 3, 2, 1...

"This is IP violation!"
"This is Russia!"

That said, Rountree might have googled what IP means, in contrast to his predecessor. Haven't heard of any IP nonsense reactions under his regime yet.



It was exactly Krigslive I had in mind. When I participated (2011) most people had decent costumes, a few had insane costumes (Do you know what the Swordsmasters real name is? His gear was unreal!), but I also saw more than a few below average costumes. But yeah the 60% was pretty harsh, 85% is probably more accurate.