[Archive] Warhammer lighting effects?


Hello all,

Have there been any attempts to use lights integrated into scenery to create interesting effects on the tabletop? For example, building the terrain on a piece of plexiglass and putting a light underneath to simulate glowing magma flows, warpstone effects, etc…?

I’d be interested in knowing of anyone has done something like this before!

EDIT: I thought something likethis might be interesting:

Fire LED Lights | Buy LED Fire Lights & Kits for Models Online – Evan Designs

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In response to the original question: two or three times, people have posted a link to an army that was cast from clear resin and had coloured LEDs put inside it and the entire army was made of LED fire daemons. Not sure where and no time to search, but a quick forum search should get you there.


Not specifically terrain, but it’s full of win: Jody Tucker’s Cult of Fire:

Or there’s this Warhammer Quest board I did up last year…

I think some clear resin (of the sort used for water effects) that’s lightly undercoated with a red/orange/yellow/white pattern for lava and then lit with multiple diffuse LEDs or fibre optic cable would work great :hat off


@Nicodemus: Wow - that warhammer quest board looks AMAZING! Given my recent exposure to how important lighting is in taking digital pictures, it seems like it might be a great idea to try to create the right atmosphere for a game of warhammer.

I think that, if done properly, this could make some of the most jaw-dropping tables at conventions for people to marvel at.

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Nicodemus: That first part is exactly the one that I meant and thanks for finding it, lol :smiley:

As to your own piece, I couldn’t tell which was the one that you’d made and which was the original at first and realised yours was the better, so excellent job! Wish I had your talent and applications of it :wink: Sod it, I’d be happy just to own the end products, lol :smiley:


Woha, thats really cool! Both your work Nicodemus and the fire cult… Im thinking Space Hulk with automatic doors, lights etc! :stuck_out_tongue: