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Uzkul Werit:

I have found a handy little tool that allows you to play WFB online! Pretty funky, yes? Best of all, we’re on there! I’m signed up on there (as UzkulWerit) so if anyone is up for a game, you know where to find me!



I joined I just don’t get the game.

Uzkul Werit:

Ditto. Seems a little complicated. I toke me ten minutes to land an earthshaker shell and even then I got it wrong. Looks like it’s the Ogre Stronghold system for me.


I figured it out and played against VC and massicured them with DoW.


Sounds interesting, but my computer is really slow, it would take ages to get a game in

Traitor King:

i cant realy see much fun in this. part of the fun is having your big painted army on the table and havving a fun game with the oppenent.

Also if I wanted computerised warhammer I would get MoC

Hashut’s Blessing:

MoC isn’t anything like a real WH game btw. Also, it’s very easy to complete and has no skirmish function. Annoyingly.

On-topic: I signed up as HashutsBlessing, but couldn’t figure out how to play it or even get the game started after set up. I gave up in the end…


Yeah, tried it out, and it confused the heck out of me. Plus it’s not in English which is what I’m sorry to say is my home-country language, not native language, home-country language.


you do relise you can change the language dont you?:0


Where at? I got into the game, and I didn’t see anything. Could you help me? Thanks.


You can change the language on the first page. There is a group of flags to the left of the centre. Just click the Union Jack for English.


I registered as Tarliyn would love to try a game and get to know everyone better


What you want is that old WHF game, I can’t remember what it was called though (maybe it’s too old!)