[Archive] Warhammer Quest coming to iPhone and iPad!


Ho ho! As a major Warhammer Quest fan (and still playing regularly), this is exciting news - Rodeo games has announced that they’re working on a Warhammer Quest game for the iPhone and iPad for 2013.  Admittedly, I’d have preferred this to have been a new big box game, but I’ll take it. Any new converts to WHQ is great news.

Here’s the links:

The GW news page.

The Rodeo Games Warhammer Quest page.


Update: It seems Rodeo Games removed their WHQ page!  Now it’s just a blank image that says "In development Due early 2013"

Update 2: Rodeo Games WHQ page restored…



Warhammer Quest takes me back I like the look of this nice one.

Groznit Goregut:

Yeah, but only ipad/phone. No Android… :frowning:


Yep can’t wait to play it on my ipad


Neat! I’ve never played Warhammer Quest before - this should be a fun way to get introduced to it.

Plus (hopefully!) it will be cheaper than the tabletop version!

Great taurus 2000:

Looks awesome:)! Can’t wait for 2013 now:D


Looks nice indeed.

Let’s hope they make a good PC port!


Yeah, but only ipad/phone.  No Android.....  :(

Groznit Goregut
With no malice, snark, or anything like that* if you are a company delevoping something and want to get paid you follow the money. And it ain't in Android. Articles have been written at length that people on iOS spend more money on apps, by far and away then those on Android. It's not even close.

In effect it's a smart business move develop for where there is the highest likelihood of getting paid. Android in that sense becomes a far distant second from a developer stand point. I'd point out other obvious trends on Android but I do t want to get to far of tangent.

* I add this because use whatever the hell you (you as in everyone) ;) want. But be aware to a developer there is a clear difference between getting paid and no where near as much. Again let me clear everyone not trying to start a flame war.


This looks pretty good. I think chances are pretty good that I’ll pick it up - my wife has an iPad.

(Regarding the android/ipad, etc.: Many companies first release an iPad/iPhone version, and then - after they have made their fist-fulls of cash and sales have mellowed - release an Android version. So, don’t give up hope…)


It’s a turn-based game, so a straight port to Android wouldn’t be too hard because they don’t have to worry about lag issues. They haven’t bothered with their other game though. Looks like a small start-up, probably only a handful of employees so they probably don’t have the resources to port it right now anyway.


I would think the port issues mainly concern things like screen size and resolution - of which there are a bazillion variables in the ‘Android’ world.


Neither of those are the issues. The issues is release it on iOS= make dollars or android where one of three things happen.

1) release it with ads = some sales, little dollars.
2) release it free= no $.
3) release it; it gets shared a billion times for free and make next to zero $.

I’d say there is option 4 which is make some money from it being available for purchase and hope people actually pay for it. I’m sure it happens but the dark side of “free and open” (if anyone believes that one…) is that it’s free and open…

The reality of it is port it to android at some point, but it’s not your first concern, it isn’t for us. Months after Eric Schmidt famously said “developers will be releasing on Android first…” still not happening.

For my own part I’d say release it on Android or even Windows Phone but if you have to pay bills… Take care of business first.

And as a quick note: Tablets are turning out remarkably like the PMP market, rather then the phone market.

Again use what you want but understand any smart developer has their own finnacial interests to look after first.


Of course people want to get paid. And going iOS will do exactly that - that is indisputable.

I don’t work in the ‘app-creation’ industry, so I’m just going on what I’ve read. In several interviews I’ve read many other developers cite the HUGE variety of screen sizes, resolutions, and hardware driving them that make it MUCH harder to ‘port’ something to the Android platform then some might think. That (and rampant piracy) are enormous issues. In fact, some of the ‘ports’ function so poorly on some android devices (and so excellent on others) that they can actually have a negative effect, publicity-wise.

I have an Android pad, and my wife has an iPad. My little android pad (purchased to root and mess around with) is basically a clock radio that will play MP3s and video files, which is all I wanted it for. For doing anything else - particularly hardware intensive tasks like gaming - the iPad completely bitch-slaps it.

It just seem to me that an iPad / iPhone is a better platform for showcasing a product which people have spent a lot of time on. And is why I may purchase this game when it is released, price permitting. (Also: PMP? Portable Media Player? Is that what that stands for? Just curious.)

You mentioned ‘… it isn’t for us.’ Do you own or work for a firm which creates apps?


No. Where I work we do have an app that supports our business and I was involved in it to a degree but that is not our primary focus. In the mobile space our customers were using iOS by far and away.

For Android the reasons you cite are a concern yes; which device and screen do you aim for.

PMP= yes portable media player.


Thanks for the clarification!


This thread has certainly derailed!


This? This is minor compared to some of the forums I’ve been on lately :wink:


Hooray :cheers

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This? This is minor compared to some of the forums I've been on lately ;)

I hope they weren't all caused by you complaining about Android! ;P


Complaint? Hardy use whatever you want I say.