[Archive] Warhammer Siege Attackers Value?

Pyro Stick:

Im going to be listing this on ebay tomorrow evening and i was wondering if anyone had any idea what its value might be:

As you can see its got around double the contents that one box comes with. 2 Battering Rams, 3 Ladders, 2 Log Rams and 2 extra battering ram heads (a big tenderiser-esque fist and a cool winged dwarf head). Its only missing one piece (one of the poles that the battering ram hangs from but its just a pole so a piece toothpick or something could easily replace it).

Theres none on ebay and a quick completed listings search shows that the last one that sold was BNIB and went for £15. I was hoping to get more than that but does anyone have an idea of what its worth? I cant remember what it cost me around 5 years ago but im sure it was more than £15.

Just did a quick search on GW and they still sell the Battering Ram for £18.50 so it should definately make more than £15.


I bought the whole set in around 1999ish for £12.

So It should be worth still boxed AT LEAST double that.

I’ve used the 6 wheel battering ram as a uber-cannon for my empire army.