[Archive] warhammer summer plans

Kera foehunter:

i see that a couple people has plans this summer

i have some too

i have a group of ogre pirates i’m working on and some d o w figures

but my main project is Female pirate slayers :yar:yar

but as far as cd im working on a couple of earth shakers canon

that are smaller than the old version

but the barrow will look like the chaos hell canon

Hashut’s Blessing:

For me, it’s getting as much of my current models painted. I have 5 Chos dwarfs to finish, I need to finish modellng a BC to finish painting it. I have to sculpt another 5 BCs (one in progress) and paint those. I’ve gt 20 Easterlings, but I need to get some command and Khamul the Easterling (maybe on Fell Beast). I have maybe 15 Chaos Space Marines to paint, 6 Possessed, a Rhino, the rest of my predator (the turret’s nearly finished at least :smiley: ), make and paint an obliterator, paint 3 CS bikers. I’ve got approximately 20 horrors to paint, 6 flamers, 6 screamers, a self-made Greaer Daemon of Tzeentch, at least 5 boodletters, 11 daemonettes, 5 new knights of Chaos, 4 older knights of Chaos, a random hound-lizard-bat-winged thing I made, 10 Chosen, an entire amry I won on eBay (inclusive of Archaon), a pair of Chaos spawn, a runesmth that’s being conveted into a Chaos dwarf sorcerer, a second Archaon (that I had before that deal), repaint an old version of Archaon, repaint 2 dozen marauders, maybe repaint some 6th edition Warriors of Chaos, updatecomplete my 7th edition Warriors, a few spiders and random pieces in bits box. I also have to do a dozen Khorne bezerkers and a few steeds here and there. Some movement trays and maybe add flock/snow/sand etc to bases.

Of course, that’s just the stuff that I have at university.


My empire army is going to be started upon, and my chaos dwarf army might even become half done!

Hashut’s Blessing:

If we’re talking in terms ofjust armies, I can break mine down a lot :smiley: Update my Warriors of Chaos (last on the agenda), paint my Daemons of Chaos (I want to do my Tzeentch stuff first, but I know I’ll do the Bloodletters and Daemonettes before because they’re sprayed already), a few Chaos Dwarfs (primarily bull centaur sculpting and great weapon units), finish painting my Chaos Space Marines, do my Easterlings army 9which I have no characters for yet).


i’m going to build a armagedon steel legion army for a summer campain on GW stockholm.

and i will do loots of chaos dwarfs too:)

Pyro Stick:

I would like to concentrate on my Iron Warriors and Grey Knights. For my GK’s i only have about 4 models left to paint but they seem to take forever. If i win a CD im going to be bidding on soon then i will be doing a small but cool chaos dwarf conversion as well.


For me, it’s basically finding green stuff, milliput, or an equivalent, that is affordable. It seems to be really difficult to find in Paris ! I am a beginner in terms of modelling so I don’t know what can works and what will not work (or even harm) my precious plastic minis, what’s an affordable price and what’s not … (help?)

Once this is done I’ll be on working my lizardmen and my chaos dwarfs. I would like to complete and paint a bull centaur for the contest; and otherwise I have around 1000-1500 points of lizardmen to do - 50 saurus (including 20 v5 ones, I love those minis), around 48 skinks + a bunch of them with bows (I can’t play them :frowning: ), 3 kroxigors, a saurus scar vet, a skink priest, another one waiting to be converted from a skink chief, and a skink chief with the superhelm. As for the chaos dwarfs I have a bfsp box to convert.

And if I ever find a way to sell a few of my orcs and old empire minis, life would be great … but as of now, if I can reach paragraph 2 I am very happy :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

For me, it's basically finding green stuff, milliput, or an equivalent, that is affordable. It seems to be really difficult to find in Paris ! I am a beginner in terms of modelling so I don't know what can works and what will not work (or even harm) my precious plastic minis, what's an affordable price and what's not ... (help?)

This is the one of the best green stuff deals ive seen. Its what i bought a few years ago and ive still got most of it:



I’m working on my Dark Elves. They’ve been calling to me for a while now.

What’s amusing is with the paint scheme I’m using (Bright green and blue… with black lacquered armor) I can use them for the other breeds of elves too…

Kera foehunter:

oh i forgot im also building a steam power ship too

out of blue foam

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ancre, you could always go here.

I also forgot to mention that I’m teaching my girlfriend Lord of the Rings and War of the Ring and getting her into the hobby (without much of a push to be frank) and trying to keep pace with her. Her painting (fromt he first model she ever painted, which was less than a month ago) is as good as my character painting, currently. How mean is that?!?! Still, she collects elves and I Dwarfs, so I should win :wink:


I’ve finished painting my backlog of figures (for the first time in my entire life) so i’m waiting to see if Space Hulk gets rereleased or if FW release some CD figures. If they don’t I might bite the bullet and pick up one of the new overpriced steam tanks to paint.

Btw, your summer is our winter. In the southern hemisphere summer I do almost no painting at all. Painting for me is a strictly do-it-when you’re-stuck-indoors activity.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’m going to build the remainder of my CD army and what that is EXACTLY, I can’t tell you yet. (I keep adding to my BFSP set.)

Yesterday I just bought a 5 pack of Black Orcs from The Sentry Box. (They open larger boxes and source out the parts.) It’s not a large unit, but the CD list says 5’s the minimum. It will be a good start until I can buy a box of 10.


Thank you Pyro Stick, Kera, and Hashut’s Blessing for your help ! I ordered green stuff on internet, if everything goes right I will have it in a few days - and so I’ll be trying to convert stuff for the first time of my life pretty soon ! Happy :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

cool i can’t to see your conversions!!!

but that does mean i cut you any slack on the(king of the hill ) post lol


cut you any slack ? I am sorry I don’t know this expression so I don’t understand it. :frowning:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

She won’t “give you a break”.


For me it’s

Ogres 2250 fully painted

Undead warband fully painted

Decide on a theme and list for my Woc

Decide on another warband so I can play at home

Might get the ogres done I seem to have slowed down with my painting recently


Well, first its not to start another project and then its finish as much of the models I have laying around…

1. So for me its paint all the converted CDs and then build some more!

2. Finish as much 15mm Soviets as possible, there is no end to them it seems…

3. Night Gobbos, squigs, more units and a fortress

4. Zombies as many as I possible can for our zombie apocalypse game with 300+ zomies. :slight_smile:

But if Im more realistic, I guess Ill buy some 15mm eastern partisans/Soviet naval infantry or modells for SotR. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pyro Stick:

3. Night Gobbos, squigs, more units and a fortress

Oh me to! I really should get that fortress finished. Ill work some more on it today and post some more pics of my progress. The problem that ive got now is that the mushrooms are going to be too big to all fit on that base i made. And i still cant figure out how im going to paint and flock it.

So im going to try and work on GK's, IW's and a unit of Night Goblin spearmen and their fortress.