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As I plan to attend some of the many events at warhammer world I fired off this email and thought I would share it for anyone else who may be interested.

Hey Mark - 

Thanks for t he email - good to see you’re thinking about that Campaign Weekend already! 

To answer your question, Warhammer Forge lists may be used at the Campaign Weekend, but may not be used at the Doubles. So if you have Chaos Dwarfs, I would recommend the Campaign Weekend! 

I hope that sounds good, fella

Nick Bayton

Warhammer World Events Manager

On 11 September 2012 20 8 mark wrote:


I was looking to attend the Knights of the Realm campaign weekend in january and was wondering if the Warhammer forge Chaos Dwarf list the Legion of Azgorh would be allowed? I would also like to know if they could be used in the doubles tournament as well?

Many thanks