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This isn’t really a “find” in a good way but I’d like to warn you about the user hammerofwaughminatures. I have bought about 4 blunderbusses from them and they were at first not willing to refund the postage even though it said they’d combine it in the description. I messaged them back asking for it packaged as one item as I did not need four seperate up-to-500gm bags for four models. :mad

They said “THAT’S OKAY BUT I CAN’T REFUND IT UNTIL PAYMENT HAS CLEARED. I WILL DEDUCE $2 FROM IT” P & P for each was $7 so thats 50c off each model. I pointed this out and eventually they agreed.

My payment had by then gone through and I advised them of this and they said that it had not gone through yet and got rather rude and aggressive.

I have since opened a case against them as I do not like being harassed over eBay.

Just a warning to you guys, as it’s not worth the bother if the seller’s just going to lie about the shipping and then be rude and take $21 for shipping you don’t need.

I suppose similar stories could go in here.

Also, off the topic a bit but who / what is “SWSNBN”?





I think you got the name slightly wrong, can’t find the user on ebay. was it uk or us or another country?


Here you go. He’s still only going to refund $2 apparently.

Let me know if the link works. The name is the same as in the link


Ah, didn’t try australia. Yeah it works.

Ta for the warning.


That’s alright dude. Just really peeved about him as I bought >120 worth of CDs with a combine P+P of 60 when it should be just 10!

Hopefully ebay will help, though I doubt it

Over 'n out


Also, he’s now selling dupe listings… really beware here guys :confused:


What a weird fellow. I am an Australian, and I buy things from Aussie eBay all the time, especially miniatures, and I have never heard ot this guy. As it turns out, he is located in the UK, but is listing his items on Aussie eBay. ??


Looks like it. Aussie too by the way :slight_smile: He also lists the same object in multiple listings. Still refusing a refund of the shipping when he said he’d combine it. I really hate unpleasantness on eBay :confused: