[Archive] Warplock's Sculpted Sorceror!


Well folks 'tis been a while!

After many months of other races taking my attention, i have decided to return to chaos dwarves!

I tried to modernise the ‘big hat’ theme, combining it with the mask idea. I like to think that he is an apprentice fire sorceror,yet un-affected by the Curse of Stone, and with fire in his veins :wink:

Most of the model was sculpted whilsy listening to the Chaos Dwarf Podcast! Kudos to Xander, Hashut’s Blessing and Wilmark, i thouroughly enjoyed it!

Sorry for the bad piccy-atures!

- Warplock

P.S: If anyone is intrested in buying him, i am open to suggestions, although i did enjoy sculptng this model, and would like to paint him, i need the moolah for Games Day :stuck_out_tongue:

P.P.S: Anyone notice the nipple ring? :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looks damned fine! I liek the flaming hatmet, good use of techniques. I like the inclusion of the “shield” on his belly and I DID notice the nipple ring :wink: Good pun with the “fire in his veins”, he he he. Looks very nice and I’d be tempted if I didn’t already have two sorcers and no need for more just yet (one of which is already fire). Why not USE him at Games day?

Kera foehunter:

great job !!!Warp lock glade to see your doing C d now

nipple ring??? not until you said something

is that the lastest fashion warplock

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Wow, very nice pose, very powerful. Why am I reminded of Davey Jones…?


Looks awesome and I did notice the ring what did you use for sculpting?

EDIT: why dont you take a mold of this guy…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Mosk, please don’t double post. there’s an edit button to the bottom right of your posts. thanks.

However, I do agree, you could cast this miniature without problem (as far as I can see and legally at least) and hey presto. Money for GD will be easier to come by!


Thanks for the comments!

But how would i go about about casting it? I dont know where to start, how much the materials would be, and how much profit i would make!

Could anybody shine some light on that?


Look up the casting thread in the ideas and adveice section. It’s a beautiful model, wish I had the funds right now. How much do you normally charge for your commisions?

Uzkul Werit:

If you do casting and stuff, do you reckon you could cobble together a few Halflings?


I really like the looks of your sorcerer, great work!


I could cast it for you in resin (well, my brother could^^) We have a ‘suction’ machine so there are hardly any airbubbles and my brother is an experienced caster by now.

I’d need to ask him if he’s up for it but let me know if you want specifics. :cheers:


Obsidian: That would be very kind of you sir! Where are you stationed? As in what country are you from? And hopw much would it cost me to have it done?

AGPO: I actually have no idea of how much i would want for it, how much would it be acceptable to charge?

Uzkul Werit: How much is a ‘few’ halflings? :wink:


I hail from the Netherlands, currently in the south. The machine is in the north but you’re lucky! NL isn’t that big! :wink:

I’ll have to ask my bro what the different materials cost and if he wants anything in return. Hope you are a bit patient as I don’t quite come overe there for quite long periods…


Obsidian: Ah, that could eb a problem, cause im in the UK :confused: So we haveto take into account all the currency conversins and overseas posting…


Wow mate - that’s a great sculpted sorceror you got there :slight_smile:

Really cool, how did you make it - I mean, when I work, it is with GS and it will never be something compared to that of yours…

Knight Of Awsome:

The shapes on him look very realistic, what you could is smooth his muscles a little, he looks a little chunky


Hashut’s Blessing:

As AGPO said, there are a few casting threads and there are some materials links in the useful links thread as well :wink: Hope ya do cast it!

Uzkul Werit:

A pair of Halflings not armed with bows would be sweet. All GW does is Bowmen nowdays - they’d look silly on my Halftanks.


Well folks just to let you know, i now have painted pictures of him in my Gallery,just to have all my things in one place, so go have a looksee!

Uzukul - Hmm…i am tempted, tell me what equipment you want me to give them, and on the one condition that i can give one a cigar or pipe :stuck_out_tongue: