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Ancient History:

Just a head’s up, Warpstone 28 is out “soon” and has an article on Chaos Dwarfs by the guy that did Dwarfs - Stone and Steel for WFRP1.

Not official, but hey…


thats cool… i think i just found the bad guy for my next wfrp campaign!


That’s pretty darn cool that Warpstone is still around. Always a great resource in the past for WFRP.


Cool, I love Alfred’s material. I’ve been witing for the new issue for a Looooong time. I already have the first twenty-seven of them. It’s interesting to see how the contribution list has changed over time. I myself haven’t put anything in for so long now.

Ancient History:

I darn near forgot I’d written that Barak Char article. Be nice to see it in print finally.

Ancient History:

My copy of Warpstone 28 arrived today, and the Chaos Dwarf article is a meaty 25 pages, including a terrific detailed map of the Darklands. Anyone familiar with Nunez’ work on Dwarfs - Stone and Steel will recognize the style of writing. There are several details that might not sit well with everyone - including yet another version of the origin of Chaos Dwarfs, this one appearing to include at least part of that apocryphal origin that’s been floating around the internet for years - but overall its a solid piece of writing, and does a CD fanatic good to read.


:o Yes! nice cover, thanks Ancient History.


Any chance some of this could be stolen for the wiki? I don’t know the guy to ask


It depends who wrote it, as WS doesn’t ask for re-publication rights as such.

I can email John and ask if necessary.