[Archive] Warpstone Magazine #28


I got a copy of this issue as after 30 they will stop printing everything, so getting hold of a physical copy will be hard and I don’t think any of them are online.

There is an article about CD from Alfred Nunez Jr. the guy who wrote the legendary stone and steel!  From what I’ve found out there is quite a bit on CD society and an upated map.


From warseer:  25 pages including a couple of pages on “The Tainted” which is his take on fallen-mutated rather than culturally separate Chaos Dwarves. Some of that is stats for roleplay though.

Incase anyone was wondering warpstone is/ was an unlicensed independant magazine for WHRP.

I can’t promise it will be soon, but after I’ve got it I will scan in the relevant pages and load them up here as a pdf.  No sense in only one of us having it (even if it did cost £7.50 with postage)! :slight_smile:

Ancient History:

You should have mentioned, I have a copy of that issue.


Ah well, it’s nice sometimes to have a hard copy of things. Call me traditional. :wink:

Ancient History:

Yeah, I understand the feeling. It’s a good article.


Damn.  I’ve done this as a pdf and I keep getting ‘invalid forum’ whenever I try and attach?  Tried it in staff section as well.

Anyway, I have the file if anyone wants me to email it to them just let me know.  It’s 9.4mb which should be under the limit for pdf attachments if I remember right.