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Hi, just wondering If I’m better off running my Chaos dwarf warriors 5 x 5 or 6 x 4, extra attack vs extra rank ?

Also i have 150 hobgob warriors (axes) what size units should I run to get the best out of them ? ( I have been banned from running them as a 10 x 15 block because they are over the SWL of my local gaming club table)

Again many thanks for your continued support :hat off, dragoncrag

Ancient History:

Re: Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Depends on your style and the enemy you’re facing, but if you’re maximizing attacks go for 7x3+4 and get the two extra attacks against a 5-wide foe. Against Elves or Goblins who can’t absorb a lot of hits, the extra attacks can be devastating. In a pinch, if you feel your frontage makes you too vulnerable or you think you’ll need the bonus, you can change formation.

Re: Sea o’Hobgobs

Massive units depend on the enemy bouncing off them due to static combat resolution, but are very vulnerable to any sort of artillery, area spells, or nasty surprises like Goblin Fanatics - not to mention their massive flanks! Considering how cheap and plentiful Hobgoblins are, it’s best to use them as shields for your better units, designed to take the first brunt of the enemy’s advance, draw them into traps where they can be flanked, or just preoccupy them.

Okay, brass tacks. Small “screen” or “bait” units of Hobgoblins that precede Chaos Dwarfs and inspire the first charge (so that they get horribly massacred and the Chaos Dwarfs can then charge next turn) are generally 5x2. Larger “screens” for absorbing missile fire are 10x2. Actual combat/flanker Hobgoblin units need all the help the can get, which usually means 5x6 or 8x5 - you have to assume there are going to be casualties, so you need the larger blocks of troops to make sure you have all the help they can get. I sometimes like to keep a big block of Hobgoblins in “Reserve” near the army general or the war machines to cover the rear (but hopefully not to get spooked off by the first flying fear/terror-causing critter).

So with 150, that would probably break down into:

5x2 - 10 units

10x2 - 4 units

8x5 - 1 units

That’s enough Hobgoblins to present an impressive line, screen your most valuable units, and have a big block of them in reserve for when you need a little extra muscle.


My fav choices are:

Warriors: big block of 25! Or 23-24 with characters inside, if you need points for something else…

I’ver never tried 6x4. It’s really a situational set up… but most of the cases we win by combat resolution, so ranks, banner and outnumber… so we have to reduce losses as much as possible. So I usually prefer 5x5.

Hobgoblins: I run naked hobgoblins 5x5. I found this size optimal manily because it is really difficult to panic with missile fire. You have to kill 8 of them to panic the unit! This means a lot of fire even for naked hobgoblins. It’s funny when the enemy waste two units for panic a 50 points unit :slight_smile:

25 means they normally outnumer the enemy, so they start from +4 CR. This is nice as it means they can hold themsleves (if they are lucky), but hold most of the time with the lord nearby.

If you think about it 50 points is really cheap. You can even use them as baiters, sacrificial unit. Who cares to loose 50 points? I found that too many 10 units can really cause an headhace in movement phase. You are pretty sure the first roll 1 on animosity test and they block all they have behind! A wasted movement turn… :frowning:

4 big blocks of 25 is a nice use of hobgoblins… one of them could be even left behind to get quarter table points/ protect warmachines/stop flyers…

My archers are deployed 10 man unit size…


For the dwarfs i always go 5 wide, think that when you get up to six wide that extra attack does not make up for the fact of the less rank and more area for your opponent to slam units in to it

Alan the evil:

I run always 25 strenght unit dwarf warriors…

Main unit is 22 dwarfs + arcisorcerer and BC BSB


I use 20 with shields and armour because of Ld 10 of general and a close BSB make them almost unbreakble!!

But if a would field a great taurus I would use them naked in block of 20 or some little unit of 10 for bait and flee… it depends on your strategy planes

don’t forget archers!!


Hi, thanks heaps for the advice, I have only played a hand full of games and most of them were before I had the numbers I have now.

Uzkul Werit:

After playing my Indy GT list with a block of 15, I find you need at least 20 for them to be of any use. Any less than that and they lack any sort of staying power. As they’re not amazing fighters, run them 5 by 4.

I always used to take two units of around 25. Hard as nails, my friends.