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I posted my Blunderbusses a while ago - here’s my second try with greenstuff - warriors with Great Weapons, though the Great Weapons aren’t finished, just yet.


Very nice stuff - the gas mask head is interesting to see, I wanted to model something similar on my own models for the next unit, so some inspiration there. I’m looking forward to seeing these with weapons

Da Crusha:

nice looking cd’s I noticed you cut the defiler head for one. fits pretty well. you have unique way of sculpting the beards, why are you doing it like that instead of the more traditional cd way, with lines?


Thanks for the comments!

Da Crusha: To be honest, I really don’t know. I just start sculpting them that way, and kept doing it - it wasn’t really a conscious decision. Should I attempt to redo them?


Great work on the conversions they look really good, like the gas mask, very different to what we normaly see :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

Da Crusha:  To be honest, I really don't know.  I just start sculpting them that way, and kept doing it - it wasn't really a conscious decision.  Should I attempt to redo them?

no I dont think you should redo them unless your not happy with them. they look pretty neat like that, originally I thought it was some kind of steampunk respirator beard, especially with the gas mask.