[Archive] Warriors of chaos with chaos dwarfs support


I have to admit my only army is warriors of chaos but I’m thinking about transferring to Chaos Dwarfs.  This list will start the transition.  Let me know what you think or if I’m messing up any rules. Mainly i’m worried that i cant put a cd character in my dwarves but i dont see where it says i cant.

2000 pts maybe a lil over


tz sorc lord lvl 4 talisman of perserverance, additional spell


castellan gw

castellan bsb gw



17 warriors champ hb khorn shield 6X3 tz sorc, and castellan in the unit

17 warriors champ hb khorn shield 6x3 castellan bsb, demonsmith in this one


6 knights khorn


magnum cannon

2x death shrieker

Here is the idea. Putting the Castellans in the 2 blocks of warriors making them stubborn so almost a anvil/hammer in one. The bsb block will hold the center of the field while the artillery lays waste to the enemy. The knights will be on one flank and the other block on the other. Not rushing into battle but letting the artillery do some work and then charging in to finish them in the end. The demonsmith will allow me to reroll my artillery rolls on one warmachine. The tz lord will go in the block on the flank. I was thinking about putting him in a bunker instead ,but I like this way better. Yea I know my maruader block is a glaringly not coming to the party ,but I think it’ll be ok.