[Archive] Warriors of the Chaos Dwarfs


About two years ago I started converting my Dwarf army to Chaos Dwarfs, but school and life got in the way and I stopped playing, for about two years go figure. And when I came back to my local shop it was just in time for this great new 8th edition to come out. However, on going through the new rulebook I noticed a lack of any reference to the Chaos Dwarfs in the bestiary. After discussing this with our store manager I was made aware of the fact that they are no longer a legal list, at least in our shop. So I decided to try using them under the Warriors of Chaos rule set. My biggest problem was the fact that I am a slave to fluff, though unfortunately my knowledge of the Chaos Dwarfs’ fluff is far less than superb. So I decided to go through and rewrite a lot of the entries in the Warriors of Chaos army book to make them fit the fluff of the Chaos Dwarfs. I just couldn’t stand standing across the table from someone and saying “Well you see this unit of Chaos Dwarf Warriors has the Mark of Nurgle.” and such. . . So this is my first attempt, and it is nowhere near completion, but I figured I’d post it up here and see what people thought, and maybe lighten my workload by having the community brainstorm names and fluff for other units/items for me. :smiley: So please feel free to criticize and scrutinize my first contribution on the forum. :cheers


P.S. Sorry about the huge block of text, I tend to be rather long winded. . .