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Thommy H:

Rather than spam up this forum with new threads, I thought I’d collect together the non-Chaos Dwarfs compendiums I’ve done so far into one thread. The idea with these is that I’m following the GW example and producing warscrolls in the same format (so no fluff, no pictures) and they’ll cover units that had models produced for them only, with suggestions for counts-as choices on the final page.

So my Dogs of War compendium doesn’t have the generic pikemen, crossbowmen, etc. because these never had models (okay, actually there were some Tilean Crossbowmen for The Empire in 4th/5th edition, but we’ll gloss over those…). Of course, there are exceptions - I’ve included stuff like the Fimir and the Zoat because they were in Storm of Magic, and the generic Paymaster never had a model I don’t think, but it’d be odd not to have it…

Likewise, the new Kislev compendium isn’t a “full” list - I haven’t expanded it with obvious new choices, like AoS versions of their Warmaster units, or stuff cribbed from other fan works. It’s literally just the stuff from the 6th edition Allied Contingent pamphlet, plus the Mordheim Kislev Ranger because she’s cool.


Dogs of War

  • Borgio the Besieger

  • Lorenzo Lupo

  • Ghazak Khan

  • Lucrezzia Beladonna

  • Gotrek Gurnisson

  • Felix Jaeger

  • Mydas the Mean

  • Mercenary General

  • Paymaster

  • Paymaster’s Bodyguard

  • Asarnil the Dragonlord

  • Pirazzo’s Lost Legion

  • Ricco’s Republican Guard

  • Leopold’s Leopard Company

  • The Alcatani Fellowship

  • Vespero’s Vendetta

  • The Marksmen of Miragliano

  • Al Muktar’s Desert Dogs

  • Braganza’s Besiegers

  • Voland’s Venators

  • The Bowmen of Bergerac

  • The Bearmen of Urslo

  • Oglah Khan’s Wolfboyz

  • Lumpin Croop’s Fighting Cocks

  • Bronzino, Master Gunner

  • Bronzino’s Galloper Guns

  • Long Drong’s Slayer Pirates

  • Birdmen of Catrazza

  • Tichi-Huichi’s Raiders

  • Hengus the Druid

  • The Giants of Albion

  • Truthsayer

  • Dark Emissary

  • Fenbeast

  • The Cursed Company

  • Anakonda’s Amazons

  • Amazon Serpent Priestess

  • Mengil Manhide’s Manflayers

  • Fimir Balefiend

  • Zoat Guardian

  • Battalion: Army of Miragliano


  • Boris Ursus, the Red Tzar

  • Tzarina Katarin, the Ice Queen

  • Kislev Boyar

  • Kislev Ranger

  • Kossars

  • Ungol Horse Archers

  • Winged Lancers

  • Battalion: Last Stand

Scrolls of Binding

  • Manticore

  • Griffon

  • Hippogryph

  • Hydra

  • Kharibdyss

  • Cold ones

  • Carnosaur

  • Stegadon

  • Bastiladon

  • Terradons

  • Ripperdactyls

  • Troglodon

  • Pegasi

  • Unicorns

  • Great Stags

  • War Lions of Chrace

  • Wyvern

  • Giant Spiders

  • Gigantic Spiders

  • Great Cave Squigs

  • Chaos War Mammoth

  • Young Dragon

  • Dragon

  • Great Dragon

  • Emperor Dragon

  • Chaos Dragon

  • Emperor Chaos Dragon

  • Rhinox

  • Thundertusk

  • Stonehorn

  • Mournfangs

  • Scenery: Locus of Ghur

  • Battalion: Trueheart Flight

Mighty Fortress

  • Gatehouse

  • Curtain Wall

  • Breached Wall

  • Fortress Tower

  • Fortress Keep

  • Siege Ladder

  • Battering Ram

  • Mantlet

  • Covered Ram

Thommy H:

Previous post updated with a new compendium: Scrolls of Binding. While GW included warscrolls for a few of the “unridden” monsters in amongst the compendiums for armies they released, basically any unit that has a model with a rider only shows up in that form. So you can have a Manticore ridden by a Chaos Lord or Sorcerer, but not one running around by itself. Conversely, since the models for the Chimera and the finecast versions of the Great Taurus and Lammasu don’t have riders, these are just monsters as they appeared in Storm of Magic (although unridden Chimeras did feature in the 8th Edition WoC book to be fair).

Anyway, what this compendium is about is giving you warscrolls to field those Storm of Magic monsters (and units of not-quite-monsters). I haven’t included anything you can get from another compendium - so the aforementioned Chimera doesn’t have its rules repeated here. Just use what’s in the WoC compendium. Likewise, I haven’t touched the Warhammer Forge range, since FW says they’re going to come up with their own rules for those. I made a slight exception for the Mammoth and the Emperor Dragon though, since I wanted to stat these huge monsters!

You’ll also find some rules for something called a “Locus of Ghur”. I wanted to include rules for unbinding bound monsters as per Storm of Magic, but I also thought it would be cool to give you the ability to bind them mid-battle too, using the summoning mechanic. Initially, I considered putting the requisite spells for this in each warscroll (as the Daemons, VC, TK and Lizardmen compendiums do), but I decided it would be a bit unwieldy. What I did instead was create rules for a sort of primitive stone circle that allows wizards to use the binding and unbinding spells to summon and get rid of beasties respectively. The idea is they represent some focus of primal force from the Realm of Ghur (Beasts), linked to the lingering enchantments of Kadon from the world-that-was.

There are also a couple of battalions at the end: one for the classic “The eagles! The eagles are coming!” moment and the other for moment when the sky goes dark with leathery wings and everything goes to hell…

Thommy H:

New compendium added: Mighty Fortress.

Since reading the rules for the Chaos Dreadhold, I’ve been kicking around some ideas about more generic siege rules for AoS. As with most things in this game system, there’s a sparse elegance to the way things are explained. Because you already have to physically move over blocking terrain, there don’t need to be complex rules for keeping enemies out of the fortress - they’re already slowed by the physical height of the model. All you need is a rule that makes it dangerous to move onto manned fortifications and you create a natural defensive structure.

So, most of these rules lean heavily on the work GW already did with the Dreadhold. All I’ve done is get rid of some of the zany Mortal Realms options and put some medieval terminology in. If you want to play a less wacky siege game, these rules should suit you (of course, it’s a simple matter to adapt any Dreadhold options you think may be appropriate too).

Beyond just the Mighty Fortress though, this compendium also gives you rules for siege equipment. There’s no precedent for things like this in AoS (yet), and I’m unwilling to create clumsy “options” for units as this feels against the design ethos of the game. Instead, I’ve opted to treat them like scenery, but with a special rule that allows units to carry them around. For the larger pieces, I’ve been able to give them full unit profiles, plus the Skaven war machines’ “Pushed Into Battle” ability is a good fit for the likes of Covered Rams and Siege Towers.

There are a lot of other ideas to explore when it comes to siege warfare. I don’t have the Dreadhold Battletome, so I don’t know what battalions it includes, but it would be fun I think to create rules for specific configurations of the Mighty Fortress. I’ll see.

Update: I’ve made some changes and additions to the Mighty Fortress compendium. A few tweaks here and there and some battalions at the end to represent some different configurations and possible set-ups.

Thommy H:

All right, time for some long-overdue updates. For those interested in Age of Sigmar and rules thereof, I’ve got a big collection of compendiums here for you. To summarise:


Most pertinent to people on this forum, the Dawi’Zharr Warscroll Compendium provides rules for using your Chaos Dwarf models, past and present. It’s also ‘future proofed’ for Age of Sigmar in terms of unit names and so forth. Hobgoblins have become Mourngrots and basic CD troops are Blackfyre Warriors/Blunderbusses. Also included are the rules for the now-OOP Hellcannon as well as separated out Dreadquakes and Earthshakers.

Dogs of War

AoS rules for all the classic Dogs of War and Regiments of Renown, as well as a few interesting extras you might enjoy. Classic names and fluff for these guys though, in the style of the official GW compendiums.


Perhaps the most resilient of all human foes of Chaos, the Kislev army was short-lived in WHFB, but that’s no reason not to have some rules for them in AoS! All the classic units, plus the Kislev Ranger from Mordheim are in this compendium.

Scrolls of Binding

Monsters for your AoS forces! Unridden versions of many of the monsters that appear in existing warscrolls, as well as a few extra ones.

Mighty Fortress

Effectively a siege supplement for AoS, this compendium features scenery warscrolls for each of the Mighty Fortress components (plus a keep and ruined walls) and rules for using various pieces of siege equipment. Warscroll battalions allow you to include a variety of different fortress configurations in your AoS games.

Champions of Chaos

Warscrolls for various OOP Chaos characters; mostly those featured in the 5th Edition supplement of the same name, plus a certain iconic hammer-wielding skeleton smasher…


Do you miss your vampires having a bit of variety? This compendium has warscrolls for all of the classic vampire bloodlines, plus a unique new unit for each, a variety of OOP Undead special characters and battalions to allow you to field armies representative of each of the branches of the aristocracy of the night.

Warriors of the Empire

And finally, a compendium of classic Empire-themed units and characters that didn’t make it into AoS (or even 8th Edition in many cases…). Included here are warscrolls for the Cult of Ulric, Sisters of Sigmar, Halflings and numerous other one-offs and curiosities from the GW back-catalogue.