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The Flying Beaver:

The time of war is once again upon us, friend.
For the Nemesis Crown has been found, that old, terrible folly of a once proud runesmith, and every heart in every corner of the Old World is beating for war.

Every warrior looks to the distance horizon with a mixture of expectancy and dread; every peasant curses the cruel forest edge as they retreat to their homestead for the night; and every ruler, wise or foolish, forgiving or bloodthirsty has set their eyes on the Empire once more.

There can be no retreating, no forgiving, for these are desperate times, friend, and we are desperate ourselves. It is said that if you turn your ear to the woods at night you can hear the branches cracking under the feet of creatures too terrible to imagine. Ships have been seen on the seas, sailing from distant shores; some to gather slaves and power, others to protect those beneath their knowledge. Vast armies march from every corner of the Old World...

To here.

This is where alliances are formed. This is where rulers meet, under the shade of grand tents in this neutral glade, and plan their war. This is where generals of every race, be they man, elf, dwarf, or far worse, work together. Spies come but fail, beaten back by the nature itself as the forest protects this sacred meeting place.

This is the Warvault, and they call this the Council. Come, friend, and see what you may learn.

The Warvault Nemesis Forums

There have been many fluff alliances of late, leading up to the Nemesis Crown campaign. Ambassadors have been sent into the camps of other races, seeking Non-Aggression Pacts or alliances. Spies, too, have been sent, sifting through the discussion and the deliberation for morsels of knowledge to sate hungry generals.

Well, as usual Warvault has set itself up as the neutral ground, open to all ambassadors, emissaries, or wandering folk. There the NAPs and Alliances can be worn for all to see, so that each race knows exactly who they may end up fighting, and why.

Hidden within the Forum itself is the Nemesis Council, an organisation made up of representatives from each race specific forum. Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, Undead, Men, and the rest; they all have gathered here to share their information and their aims, so that each race is working from the same page. We do, after all, need unity to make ourselves look good, and that is what this place is for.

The forum's aims are simple; organise the Community into a well oiled machine, so that we can all win at the end of this campaign. We have seen individual forums win by getting Games Workshop to notice them; well, now it's the community's turn as a whole. If we can show them that we can work together properly, and make it work, well... what might the next campaign look like? Or the one after that?

So, get on down to the Nemesis Forums and post your fluff. Talk to your Council reps, and see what feedback they can give you. Talk to the ambassadors for other races, organise NAPs and Alliances, or challenge other armies for victory.

Games Workshop isn't opening a Campaign forum this year, so this is the best neutral place. Let's enjoy this campaign as much as we can, and reap what we may.


Hashut’s Blessing:

I personally, would urge you to join the Warvault Nemesis Forums to have your input and see what’s happening…


Sounds like a good idea, I’ll go sign up right now.

The Flying Beaver:

Thread stickied.

Traitor King:

So what are the forums exactly? just a forum aimed at players for everyrace to dicsus tactics ect for nemesis?

Ill be join up soon.


Its basically the replacement for the lack of a GW campaign forum. Or that’s the idea anyway. Almost all forums are on Warvault anyway, so it makes sense.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m using it, primarily, as a way to see all the fluff and co-ordinate mine so that it doesn’t make any or my own fluff obselete…