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Hi Guys,

When I paint I use a lot of wash. I like the brush thing, but was wondering if there were a better way? I considered putting the was in a sprayer (you know like the ones you use to put stuff on your windows, just smaller - I got the idea from something my miss uses, a little thing with a sprayer on top) - for a more even wash.

What do you think?

Best regards


I know a guy who uses an airbrush to wash for example terrain pieces. He told me he thins down the wash before spraying. But it looks good.


if you want a lighter, more even and easy way to applicate it use a sprayer or airbrush, but this kind of defeats the point in a lot of cases where you want the wash applied thick enough to sink into recesses and cracks and nooks, so painting it on and into these recesses directly with a brush is the way to go in those instances. There are times when I would use an airbrush for it such as here How to paint burnt Iron - YouTube

but you have to appreciate that washes & inks are easy to get through fast and you will get some wastage by spraying and could become very costly. I got through nearly a whole bottle of ink in one session last week by airbrushing it because I was being lazy.


Your proberably right. The reason I thought if it was too folded:

1) When I wash the gravel on my bases, some of it tend to come off. I thought that if I sprayed it on, I wouldent have to touch it with a sticky brush and remove some by incidance. Also this is a highly expensive way to wash - went through and enitre bottle on half my army’s base.

2) When I wash bigger models, they are hard to come across, and when turnering it over I leave fingerprints, wich means I have to go back and re-wash.

But thanks for the experiences guys!


Regarding the gravel on the bases: I used gravel and sand on a lot of models (not my CD). I do the bases before painting and basecoat them with the models. Then you can paint/ wash them without risking to loose some stuff from the base.


Yeah I thought of that too. But once I got the idea, I was all ready through 2/3 of the army, and at that point I think it would look wierd if I switched. But Ill defently do that with my next army! The VC army Im gonna do next is however gonna be with snow, so thats a whole other world of problems I step in to - Ill take it when I come to it, I figure :smiley:


I prefer brushing. I think airbrushing would be way too wasteful and so far I think dipping can be a bit heavy at times. Both would target the surface of the whole model whilst you can put the wash on individual model partsnwith a brush