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Kaptain BlackSquig:

Hello fellow deviants in destruction! Da Kaptain has decided to split time with his beloved O&G to complete his army of vertically challenged architects of evil! What follows will be my blog detailing modeling, painting, fluff and more. And of course I will still update my O&G in Da Kaptain’s Hobby Berth!

Da Kaptain:hat off

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Kaptain BlackSquig:

Space for Fluff and history…and the armylist. What I have in my possession right now to paint and convert are:




Khan on Wolf

Khan on Wolf

4 units of 10 Infernal Guard with Blunderbuss

2 unit of 15 Infernal Guard (can be combined into one unit of 30)

1 unit of 30 Hobgoblin Cutthroats with bows

6 K’Daai Fireborn

6 Bull Centaur Renders (can be split into two units of 3 if needed)

10 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders

1 Iron Demon

2 Hell Cannons

Kaptain BlackSquig:

Base Designs

As the story of the Chaos Dwarves revolves around their dedication to machinery and more, they tend to rape their lands of everything of value, leaving little behind but an industrial wasteland. I wanted to make sure the bases for the army matched this matra (OK the bases for the Fireborn are the basic lava, but you get the idea!). Please note that while the design idea was mine, a good friend gave my ideas form and created these bases for me and now it is my task to make sure my paints live up to these!

With that in mind, here are the…basics…


And some pics of the finished project:

More to follow!

Da Kaptain:hat off

Kaptain BlackSquig:

Bull Centaur Renders:

Da Kaptain:hat off


Beginning looks great! Nice bases and even more the smoke clouds. Good luck with your blog!:hat off

One remark: Hobgoblin infantry units have a minimum size of 20, so you can`t split them 15wise.


Agreed, Herby. That’s a clever technique for consistent basing. Nice terrain! I look forward to the painted models. :slight_smile:


Starts really cool.

Clever idea with that basing (if you have the chance to start with a lot of models in posession).


A great start, and it looks very good so far. The bases is gonna look awesome!!!


Wow, looks great so far! :slight_smile:

Mivrash Faz:

What a great idea/approach for bases. I’ll be watching the rest of this blog.


wow great attention to those bases! something I never had the patience to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

Those bases are so awesome, mad work!


Them bases look good!!! Well done matey!


Modifications on the BC weaponry looks well also. Now get them painted :-).

Fuggit Khan:

Very nice bases, I love the craters with plumes of ash :hat off

And building an army by doing the bases first…you’ve added new meaning to the old saying “built from the ground up”


Really nice start!

Cant wait to see some paint jobs!

Kaptain BlackSquig:

So while I am still working on background and such, thought I would ask for some thoughts on this as a basic paint scheme. I have mostly Russian Alternative figures (I really do like them!) but the colors will still work fine on those minis as well.

My goal here was to tie in the orange-ish armor for both fire and the reddish orange I use on my O&G. I think I need to use purple instead of blue on the undershirt, to further tie in and keep the pallet warm.

Also, does anyone know why some Photobucket images will post and others wont? I cut and pasted both of these and the front image will not load.

Da Kaptain:hat off


Nice start and no, I am using photobucket, too, and never had that problem.

Considered a yellow for the underskirt? Or even a dirtied off-white over brown shoes?

With lava it would fetch a nice sheen easily acquired with some lazes?

Kaptain BlackSquig:

"I would just like to say that your standing on the tracks and the train’s coming through butthead!"

A little update on the growing throng of vertically challenged evil Stunties…I have been knee deep in painting commissions but I am working my way back to my Chaos Dwarves, hope to show more in the coming weeks and get some army badges too!

Da Kaptain:hat off


I love the craters and smoke plumes.

One stalled project is some just like that but not on one individual model scale, and no smoke

they are more of actual broader sized terrain peices I thought I’d make.