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sacred six:

Hi all i’m a long time out of fantasy and just getting back into it. I have signed up to our local fantasy knockout event as a trial by fire to get back into it. As the title suggests my 1st game is watchtower against a nurgle warriors of chaos army. my list is this

LORDS =400pts

Sorcerer Prophet Level 4/ Death magic, Talisman of preservation, Enchanted shield, Arabyan carpet = 400pts

Heroes = 383pts

Infernal castellan BSB, Great weapon,Mask of the Furnace - 200pts

Daemonsmith level 1/ Fire magic, Dispel scroll = 120

Hobgoblin khan light armour, spear,wolf, dragon bane gem = 63

Core = 612pts

10 infernal guard Fire glaives, Deathmask, Napatha bombs =187

29 infernal guard, full command, razor standard = 425


6 K�?TDaii fireborn = 330

Magma cannon

Hellbound = 150

Deathshrieker rocket = 100

Deathshrieker rocket = 100


K�?TDaii Destroyer =325

his list is this

Lord 1+325

Chaos Lord +210

Nurgle +10

Scaled Skin +20

Helm of Many Eyes, Sword of Bloodshed +85

Lord 2 +270

Level 4 Chaos Sorcerer Lord (shadow) +270

Hero 1 +190

Festus the Leechlord +190

Hero 2 +138

Exalted Hero BSB +135

Shield +3

Core 1 +453

24 Chaos Warriors +336

Shields, Full Command, Nurgle +102

Banner of Swiftness +15

Core 2 +438

24 Chaos Warriors +336

Shields, Full Command, Nurgle +102

Core 3 +70

5 Marauder Horsemen +70

Core 4 +70

5 Marauder Horsemen +70

Special 1 +135

Warshrine of Tzeench +135

Special 2 +100

5 Hellstriders +95

Hellscourges +5

Rare 1 +210


i know this is pretty vague but i am asking the community of what things i should look out for and how best to play my evil stunties vs this nurgle army in the watchtower scenario. any advice will be gratefully appreciated!


If playing the watch tower by the book, it is really a weird/crappie scenario. Anyway tho, use rockets to clear out his fast calv. Send the destroyer with fireborn together into his blocks. Ignore his hellcannon for the most part and focus on clearing his calv and weakening his blocks. I highly doubt your infernal guard will see combat.

sacred six:

Well i managed to win the game for those who are interested. His sorcerer lord and BSB went into one unit with the aim of claiming the tower. Doom and darkness and deathshrieker rockets managed to panic them off the board before they got into it. His combat lord and festus joined the other block to to come fight me. Both fireborn and destroyer combo charged them and wiped out all warriors in 2 rounds of combat. Leaving both characters to flee. My infernal guard marched up and claimed the tower. Not bad for only my 2nd game with them.


Very nice win and thanks for the quick recap. Congratulations.


We love it when a plan comes together.