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Has anyone tried them? They look interesting to use but they seem to be mostly useful for war machines and terrain.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I agree. Unless you wish to give your whole army (which members here may very well do) an ash-covered skin look, not much use for most things. Maybe some muddy cloaks/boots too.

On a vaguely related topic, I saw some Christmas spray on snow today and wondered if anyone has tried to use this on models and what the results were.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I used weathering powders (not the FW ones, though) on a Chimera APC of mine and found them rather tricky to use. These are best used on tanks or buildings, I doubt they work well on infantry-sized miniatures.


i dont get it.

is it paint, a powder or a mixture?

couldn’t a simular effect be achieved with a simple dry brush & highlight??

i don’t see the special-ness


I believe they are like a fine pastel-crayon like material, much like a waxy charcoal that adheres to surfaces. Personally, I’d only get these if you were very serious about being a Forgeworld customer. You can get similar items from a variety of online sources, or even your local model shop. I use Tamiya’s Weathering Kits, which have a similar range of colours, come with 3 colours per kit, and comes with an applicator tool (sponge/brush) in each one.

Here’s some instructions and tips for them, to demonstrate how you might use them:


Kera foehunter:

to messy for me !! i try chaulk ONCE!!!