[Archive] Were-Wolf armie?


I’d love to try and start a Were-wolf themed army- What would be the easiest to convert? Beastmen?

I’d probaly include quite alot of wolfs, being that they would be attracted to the wolf men. Any ideas where i should begin?


I made a werewolf using Orc bodies and plastic wolf heads. A little greenstuff filled out the rest pretty easily. Some people use Wolfen models (I forget the maker) as an Ogre army.


The Rakham Wolfen pieces are flipping awesome… no need to convert anything… if you can get your hands on the older metal ones… there is quite a variety too… but they are large… ogre sized…


Take a look at the Rackham Wolfen - they are really awesome!

Here is a link to a shop where you can still buy 2 of them:

Ludik Bazar - Wolfen

… not very much but better than nothing! :wink:


Kera foehunter:

chaos mauraters warrior !! would work well as some of the before wolfs


Chaos Mauraters- Love the idea kera! Ill add wolf heads, and furr to them.

I was inspired to make this army after i read “The book of lost things”, i highly recommend you pick up a copy! I’ve read it 12 times, it never gets old!

Kera foehunter:

you could also mix them up with empier flagellants would be cool to you can add chains to there collars and they have a couple with there head and arm threw that board thingy and you could add skaven heads to give them a where wolf in the changing process


Ghouls could work, they have claws and suchlike. The fact they are naked means adding fur should be fairly simple.

What size were you thinking of making them? Ogre-sized or man-sized?


Well, I’ll convert them from beastmen, ill make ears and what not instead of horns. Shouldnt be to hard, then ill make a resin of the ears

orcs of fire:

How about an orc and goblin army?

goblin wolf riders = wolfs

orcs = were-wolfs

goblins… Angry peasants?!?


This sounds like a great idea to me, i will be looking forward to seeing how the models come out :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

If you’re not going to tournaments, you can get wargs and reposition them a bit, if you are, get chaos houns and reposition, sculpt extra fur where need be. I would use beastmen rules as they seem the most fitting and werewolves are a form of beastmen, really.