[Archive] Werewoolf Miniature command


Completely unannounced Werewoolf have released a command group for their evil dwarfs.

In my opinion it’s their best work yet.

Still not sold on the scale armour but the faces are certainly characterful.

Also loving the standard.


As per usual thoughts and opinions?


The champion is nice and characterful model, it seems that each scale is sculpted like a skull and according to the description there are several building options. I also like the pose of the standard bearer but where are his weapons :-)? The standard itself is not really my cup of tea honestly.

The command group is much better than the rank and file they did before.

Very good find!


Nice! I too like them more than their rank and file models.


They look good. The musician looks a bit like he is wearing high heels though.



The Champion in almost every way. That guy is complete beastmode.

The Standard Bearer (minus the standard), good rounded hooves, great armor, peculiar expression.

The Musician’s face, posture, and lil’ skull drums. I like the ensemble.


Musician’s hooves, especially when you look at the SB’s nice rounded hooves. Did they goof up?

The Standard - what is it made of? How is he holding a person up there? Is that a burning woman’s body with a bull’s head? I can’t figure out what they wanted it to be. It is different though.

The Champion’s axe looks a bit fragile, both in considerations of storage and play violence, and is that an owl’s head?

I would buy the Champion, the BSB’s and swap out the flag, and green stuff up the musician’s elegantly slender hooves.


Those look very nice especially the champ. I agree on the high heels on the muso…

Mivrash Faz:

Not bad, but I’m not fond of those crazy shoes. The BSB looks good, but what is he doing? Is it me or does is look like he’s smoking a fatty? Smoke da herb for Hashut.:hashut