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Hi guys,

I’m about to start painting my dwarfs…

I want them to have grey skin (like described in Tamurkhan).

How do I go about painting it?

I’ve been painting rocks & things Adeptus Battlegrey with Codex Grey highlights.

But will that work for skin?

What colours are your dwarfs skin?


I like to start with a basecoat of dark flesh mixed with a darkgrey and then add a lightgrey in the mix for the highlight so its not completely grey.


I agree with warh, you need a little bit of skin tone in there or they don’t look right. I like to give my castellans a nice redish hue as well for their burnt skin

Kera foehunter:

We talking grey like this


We talking grey like this

Kera foehunter
Those look really amazing!


Thanks for your advice guys…

I went balls deep, * came back with this…

What do you think?


You may want a bit more contrast with the beards - that way the skin would stand out a bit more.

Nice work!


You may want a bit more contrast with the beards - that way the skin would stand out a bit more.

Nice work!

Cheers for the advice.
I went for a bluish beard, not sure if it works...


All that was previously said aside (I just found this thread), my advice would be to look at the picture of the witchelves more closely. You don’t really get a lot of contrast, because all your colours start from black.

Why does the grey skin/black hair work with the witch elves? Because they started from a codex grey base… there’s no black to be found on the skin.

Start your flesh codex grey, and work it up with mixes of bleached bone. Then you’re skin gets a bit lighter, and you get more contrast with the black beards.

Also, your red and metallics look quite dark. My best advice there is also to start from a baselayer that isn’t black, or use something else than devlun mud washes or badab black washes.

Just my two cents. I do like the fact that you’re going for something else than the standard fleshy skin. Good luck on your quest!

Kera foehunter:

This is what i love about this site , there are so many people here that help when you ask .


Personally I’d start with a 2:1 mix of grey to dark flesh and work up from there. Brings a bit of warmth to the skin.


My advice would be to start with a non-grey colour as a base, like others have suggested. I think you can use pretty much any colour. Blue, purple, and brown work. Red should be good too. Just make sure it’s not too bright. You can tone colours down by mixing with grey or a neutral colour.


I use a touch of real flesh tones when I’m painting blue or grey skin. Use it on extremities of muscles, lips, jaw etc. I find it stops the model looking too cold and brings it too life!


yes! blue beards ftw on non big hats!