[Archive] What are Spamming, Trolling and Flaming?


What are Spamming, Trolling and Flaming?

I have been thinking of late that for those not used to these forum terms they may seem a little strange. What�?Ts flames or trolls, or a disgusting meat product got to do with a forum?

So here they are, listed least important to most important:


Spam comes in 3 different flavours, none of which are nice:

1.  The meat kind.

2.  The spambot kind.  You probably all know what these are, but this also includes actual real people posting like spambots.        

3.  Excessive[/b] use of one line responses that do little to add to the topic being discussed.

Note that there are some issues arising out of this worthy of mentioning:

[]One line responses [/b] are not unreasonable.

]Spamming of the one line type is perfectly acceptable in the Off Topic section (as long as it meets the obvious forum rules of not being offensive, sexist or racist etc).  Though bear in mind if there are hundreds of threads being discussed in this way when you search for new posts each time you come there will be lots of pages of Off Topic spam to wade through…[/list]


Trolling, much like the beast itself is ugly and unpleasant.  It�?Ts why the vast majority of forums are dead against it (some being a lot more harsh than others), and have forums rules against it.  CDO is no different.

But what actually is it I hear you ask?  Trolling is posting in an unnecessarily argumentative or confrontational way, often about any old thing.  Just for the fun of it.


Flaming, much like it�?Ts obvious connotations are inflammatory.  This means that people are posting in such a way as to be argumentative, unreasonable, objectionable or confrontational in the extreme, and as a direct result of their actions are encouraging others to become hostile.

Spamming, Trolling and Flaming are not equally as important, but they are all undesirable and [/b].

To further explain this, an example of each:


Somebody puts up a decent mini.

Person A replies �?oCool mini�?�  But what does this really mean?  What is cool and why?  Is there anything you could have added for just a couple more seconds of typing that would explain what in particular you liked?

Person B replies �?oThat is a cool mini.  I like the flame effects you sculpted, and the way you made the hat is very effective.  The painting on the base could be improved�?� etc

Person A has spammed, person B has given useful feedback.


Posting short random posts that add nothing interesting to a discussion, or deliberately try and throw it off topic are also spam posts (in sufficient numbers).

“Are we done yet?”

“That is a cool model too!!”

“This is cool, thanks”



Grimstonefire writes:

Xadner hates all Chaos Dwarves , HB is actually allergic to cake and Willmark has a purple mongoose with three eyes called Ak-Ak-Zaboour tied to a tree in his garden.

Person A replies:

Xadner hates all Chaos Dwarves , HB is actually allergic to cake and Willmark has a purple mongoose with three eyes called Ak-Ak-Zaboour tied to a tree in his garden.


Lol.  Are you sure about this Grim?  Xander has shown many times he is an avid fan of Chaos Dwarfs, and has continued to maintain this forum no matter how hard things get.  HB should have pies instead.  If Willmark wants to keep a mongoose that�?Ts up to him!  A funny and friendly post Grim, well done :slight_smile:

Person B replies:

Xadner hates all Chaos Dwarves.


What a stupid thing to say, have you been living down a dark hole for years?!�?�?!  Do you even bother to read this forum?  You have misspelt XANDER and it�?Ts Chaos DWARFS you blind wombat.

HB is actually allergic to cake


You are kidding right.  That�?Ts really useful for us all to be discussing on a CD forum isn�?Tt it sighes and rolls eyes

Willmark has a purple mongoose with three eyes called Ak-Ak-Zaboour tied to a tree in his garden.


What a stupid name, you thought of that all by yourself did you grim?  Unsurprising.  Your claim that it is purple and has 3 eyes is wrong, and though I cannot prove it I demand you show me photographic evidence, stool samples, weight charts and most importantly you must do this now damnit!

I look forwards to your reply so I can argue the same points again, over and over for all eternity.  I will never back down.  Ever.

Person A has replied in a friendly way.  Person B has been unnecessarily argumentative and confrontational over something ridiculous and unimportant, they are a Troll.

An example of this would be any old suggestion made by person A.  Person B replies saying they agree, all is fine so far…  Person C then responds launching a full scale assault on Person A.  Person B then thinks… hmm, Person C is highly charged and although I did initially agreed I will now disagree just because.  They then respond in a hostile way, potentially causing others to do so later on.  

Person B has flamed.  

My examples have been light hearted, but they do show why these things are undesirable and we have rules against them.

It may be that some people are unaware of what these rules actually are, they don�?Tt care, or they think the consequences don�?Tt apply to them.

If any members wish to enquire whether they fit into these categories, or really want help on posting in a different style just pm a staff member who will be only to happy to give suggestions.