[Archive] What are you doing for fun this x-mas?


@ Cornix - At times like this, I'm glad I'm Canadian. We understand BOTH the English and American terms for things...like Metric AND Imperial measures, and we understand that a "Hood" and a "Bonnet" are the same things...Spanner and Wrench...Bobby and Police Man....etc.

But here's one for you....What's a "Muckluck"?

Tarrakk Blackhand
eskimo boot? but it's bastardized ;P
you could also mean "nothing" though
OR, and this one is way better, a word that sounds dirty but isn't (and it's better because krusty the clown used it haha)


I’m going out the the in-laws, where I’ll probably spend most of my time throwing beer cans at the goddamn pack of wiener dogs.

Oh, and eating a buttload of turkey.


By "elk" I am assuming you are referring to what Americans call a moose (an elk is a type of deer in the US, just to confuse everyone).

You are right one of these wee little buggers.

And for the record, *we* have elks, and anything else would be an "american elk" or a moose. We had it first. Just like football. Stop stealing the names goddamnit!


well it looks like we are having snow for xmas. It quite rare for it here!


like wise with the snow here in Kent , other than that painting and gaming and trying not to eat to much x.x


Sucks, had a minor knock while driving my wife to work, as the company told her if she didn’t turn up she wouldn’t get paid, we can’t afford to loose £65 from her wages over the xmas period so I pushed on an scraped another car.

Rather pissed at that.


But here's one for you....What's a "Muckluck"?

Tarrakk Blackhand
Is that when you drop your wedding ring in the toilet and blindly shove your hand down to find it?

As for me I'm working, ... again. Family is going camping at a beach 'Van Park about 7 k's away. Forecasters say its gunna rain though, maybe.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Well, my X-mas is cooked!

2 bills from the Telephone company…

$350+ for my house line and $850+ for my hobby shop business phone. I’m suppose to pay them by Dec 30th or they cut the lines. This is my pennance for letting the phone bills slide for 3 months!

Looks like I’ll have to play the nose-flik game after all.