[Archive] what are your current project

Kera foehunter:

so are you working on any new project for you C. D.s

i working today on some bull centaurs

that i got from willmark !!Playing with the green stuff!

to make some cool bc raiders:hat off

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Well not really for CD but i’ve got loads to do

first Godbob and his crew (and his ship)

Then Stikbrik (goblin warboss) and his hoard

Then Maddred(orc warboss) and his hoard

Then the Bloodtear family and there army(DE)

Then my Tzeentch (WoC and Deamon) army

so as you can see it’s going to be an expensive year

(Plus new LM are coming out :rolleyes:)


CD army:

- 10 blunderbusses

- the remaining 8 CD warriors of my 20 regiment.

- a base for my Great Taurus.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Started out on some warriors today, uncovered a bunch of bits for use with my hobgoblins, still looking for the wolves. Found some bits for use with a deamon forged construct thingy I’m thinking about making.

Ghrask Dragh:

On my very unclean desk right now is…

Chaos Dwarfs;

Marauder Mage,

Black orcs,

3rd Ed CD


40k Ork lootas,

Limited Ed Marauder Champion,

Plastic Chaos Knight,

Games Day Orc,

Ultraforge Giant,

Ultraforge Dragon

…I think it’s too much really :rolleyes: :smiley:


Crews for more warmachines (Death Rocket and ES). Two of each now!


Finishing up five warmachines and an altar of Hashut thing (Anvil of Doom).


I have two current CD projects I’m working on (if you ignore the mountains of other stuff).

First is my Hellcannon, started ages ago and hopefully going to finish it now.

Second is an article for WoH on fully articulated mechanical wings!  This one is really hard…


I’m working on the following:

-Chaos knights of tzeentch

-Dragon ogres


-Custom Anvil of Doom

Thats it really at the moment.

@Grimstonefire: I’m looking forward to seeing the mechanical wings.


I was working on a way to convert the BFSP gobbos into chaos dwarfs, i think i’ve got it now, though it’s not doen, as i need to do some greenstuff work on the one’s i’ve done.


No chaos dwarfs, but working on a unit of chaos ogres for my WoC army


my current projects (there are so many I might forget some :P):

- 3 X CD sorcererer.

- 40 X CD warrior hand weapon shield

- 20 X CD warrior greatweapon

- 1 X hobgoblin hero on wolf

- 1 X hobgoblin hero

- 1 X chaos dwarf hero

- 1 X chaof dwarf army battle standard

- 36 x chaos dwarf warriors with blunderbus (20 of the are almost finshed)

- 1 X deathrocket

thats al (I think)


currently I’m working on:

  • Chaos dwarf related:

    6 more Chaos Dwarfs,

    1 Chaos Ogre,

    and a working concept for blunderbussers


Currently I’m working on mini exchange piece a bunch of guys are doing on another forum.

For Chaos Dwarfs I’m working out bits and ends to start a Blog in January.


All female Warriors of Chaos army, marks of slaneesh


painting up some miniatures for a friends Brettonian army and helping my brother paint up a tomb kings army.


As usual, I’m completely in left field and am working on my smurf daemon legion.


now my second dragon ogre is in work :slight_smile:


Taking a break from painting WFB/40K to paint up my Descent figures & related kitbashing.

Kera foehunter:

well now im playing around with a female ogre lead belcher pirate style

i get bored real easy