[Archive] What Brand of brush do you use


Just curious to see what brushes people are using these days I’m currently using army painter brushes I know theres better but I like these not to expensive and they do the job for me.

So what brand are you using and why.

The Odor:

Citadel and a swedish brand that doesn’t exist anymore. Cheap, good access and okay.

Da Crusha:

as far as brushes go, the Raphael Kolinsky brushes and Devinci (I think) are supposed to be the best. the Raphael brushes are made from the hairs of female syberian weasels. Lazlo Jakusovsky, the painter that does the Hot lead videos and was one of my painting seminar instructors, said if you take care of the brush it should maintain its point for a many many years. he said he has had his raphael brush for 18 years. Ive been told they are the only brush you will ever need. I have 2 myself and they are great. I think they cost 15 USD or so each.

other than that I also use some cheap synthetics and armory brushes that Ive worn out for drybrushing.


GW for most things, W&N for finer work.


army painter and GW brushes mostly,




Old valejo and gw brushes here to. I aint a pro painter and I’m to careless with my brushes that buying expensive ones would just be a waste.

Pyro Stick:

I dont really shop around for expensive brushes. Ill use anything other than Games Workshop brand. Currently im using this one:


I usually just go for the smallest one available from wherever i happen to be ordering from. I used to use Prolene brushes but they just frayed way too quickly.