[Archive] what color primer you use

Kera foehunter:

i was wondering what color primer do some of you use ?

I did use white but i use black now but i also wonder about the ruddy brown primer


Hmm… Well, I use different Color primers.

Most I use black, but at the moment I am using fawn or white primer.

Ancient History:

If I’m going for bright colors (like a bright red Bull Taurus, or bright green Hobgoblins), I use a white primer. For metals with a lot of metal or darker bits (Sneaky Gits, Black Orcs, Chaos Dwarfs, war machines) I use black primer.

I’m going to be doing a little experimenting with blue primer on some Chaos Dwarfs - I want to see if I can get a dark blue/black for the beards.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I use black. Although, I often can;t be bothered and use none at all. I would say that for lighter models (especially ones that need several coats), it is best to use white. Also, paint doesn;t cheap so much on a primed model.


I only use black.

Kera foehunter:

do you use cheep primmer someone cave me armory primer i don’t like it twice i had to stipe model down due to it spitting clumps of paint

i like krylon it a cheep primmer you get at any store.


I use Xander’s gesso/geso (what’s that stuff called? I’m sure it’s gesso) it’s pretty cool. goes on thick and shrinks down without losing any detail really…

for my faeries (yes, they’re still WIPs) I use white because the colours are much lighter. black for darker colour schemes.

I’ve also mixed the white/black for a nice grey primer when I can’t decide or I have very extreme colours in my scheme. :slight_smile:


A dark brown primer gives the model a more natural look. It is great for scenery.


If you are looking for natural look use a brown primer; avoid a lot of GW paints and always mix your paints (never use the color straight from the pot).


It depends…

for basic work, I use black as it provides a basic layer of shading, meaning I don’t need to spend as much time highlighting

for heavy detail work, I use a browny grey, as it provied bothshading, looks good when other paints are over it and it’s not hard to paint over

for ultra-the best of my ability-OMG you took hours work, i use white as it looks far the best when finished, but takes more effort


Almost always black, white is ok and makes colors pop more but black gives you a great place to start from in terms of shadows.

caos dwrf:

gw primer is evil 15 bucks soooo dumb i just use black or white rona brand spray its like 5 bucks but it is real good