[Archive] What did you buy (to you CD army)


(I done know if this one is a good thread, but if not then remove it)

- Well this threat is about what you brought home, the last time you were buying figures/GS/Parts - ect from your GW dealer :wink: and what do you wanna use it for.

I’ll start:

- Today my Grom warchariot arrived, and so my first Hobgoblin Hero is in the house :slight_smile:


Haven’t actually bought anything from a store for my current CD army. Mostly trading and internet buys and I must say it’s a lot cheaper than when bought from a store!

Last thing that came in is from my trade with Clam! :cheers:


my most recent GW games purchases have been for my 40k army (ORKS) and paints to help my brother paint up his tomb kings army…

I have increased my Chaos Dwarf/Hobgoblin hordes by completing trades with two of our forum members… (wish to thank them both and the third party on one trade who brokered the deal… )

Pyro Stick:

I havent bought anything from GW for years.

My most recent purchase from ebay for my cd’s was the Hobgoblin Beast Master with Hobhounds. I thought it would be an interesting addition to my army.

Viskar Zhragoth:

For CD’S my last one was the 11 Bull Centaurs and Lord that arrived today from a CDO memeber- Thanks (you know your name)!

For GW, the last things I got in general: Warriors of Chaos Spearhead, marine spearhead, extra drop pod, and the new landraider - plastic parts! Both for Marines and WoC…of course I’m building CD’s right now, so all of that is to join my other things down in my gaming room. They’ll be awaiting their turn after the CD are done.


Dwarf cannon box, some Styrene strips, Gotrek and Felix: The Second Omnibus, and a pot of Hormagaunt Purple.


Last store purchase? Chaos Warriors book.

I like to get all the army books, read the fluff, study the army, etc. Even if I never intend to field the army I play with army builds. I’m liking that my idea of a Marauder Horde and the fact I like Nurgle actually would work well together.

Kera foehunter:

i found a old box of ver 6th dwarfs !!at the gw hobby store

i loved that version


i found a old box of ver 6th dwarfs !!at the gw hobby store
i loved that version

Kera foehunter
I prefer those too. I bought some of those at Rock Con.


Well, the last GW kits I bought were some Black Templar chapter upgrades and assault marines for a Pre-Heresy marine project. Last week I was all gung ho for it, but now I’m thinking it might be an urge that will pass… Who knows though? Buying any kind of kit is an exciting prospect because you can do so many things with them. Even if you don’t use them all now, you might end up working on a project where the bitz come in handy.

An old friend of mine and veteran modeller says “Parts is parts.” Doesn’t matter what they’re from, or where they’re from, they are raw materials for your hobby!


Last thing I bought from a store was the Warriors fo Chaos book. I don’t support my local store (not a GW) because they don’t support Warhammer Fantasy (besides selling models). In fact, its almost safe to say that they try to stop people from playing Fantasy. The owner has banned people from using any of the books released from Vampire Counts onwards on the lame excuse that two kids got in a fistfight while playing Daemons vs. Vampires. But I digress…I bought the warriors of chaos book there cause I didn’t want to wait for it to get shipped through ebay. And I’ve bought every model in the past 2 years from ebay.


Well it started - so I fine with the result of this thread :slight_smile:


the last time a bought something from a gw it was: the warriors of chaos book, a box of chaosw warriors, a box of marauders and a set of movement trays. and the last thing a bought for my chaos dwarfs was the dwarven batelion box,

Kera foehunter:

well i waiting for the chaos warrior pieces to come out !!

then my boys can get more stuff.


I ordered the Dwarf Adventure set from the online store, and picked them up at GW Copenhagen last Thursday - and found myself leaving the store with the new Warriors of Chaos army book and a boxset of Chaos Knight - think I’ll try a Bull Centaur conversion based on those barded horses :rolleyes:


The last GW related thing I bought was the 25th Anniversary Dwarf Set for $0% off At Gamesday Baltimore.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I bought the DoC last Wed From my local store


Erm the WoC book. The last time I bought minis was Ghouls, Ghouls and more Ghouls for my VCs. The time before that would have been last year :slight_smile: Stocked up on Dwarfs ages ago, they’re lying around everywhere now…

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Let’s see. A white spraycan, Gotrek and Felix: Elfslayer, a cheap Kislev horsearcher and Dwarf Bronze paint.


the space marine, imperial guard & eldar codexes, plus the box of 12 GW inks

have a marine army, am working on a guard army, and i aquired my mates eldar for about 30% retail value.