[Archive] what did you do during christmas * cd related *


hi i did nothing but i would like to see everyones elses updates of their army

so please post away:cheers


I restarted my army, could that be counted:)


See my army blog:


Pyro Stick:

I started to paint my general on foot that i bought of lokigod. My first hero with a back banner wooo! Pics will be up by the end of the week hopefully. I was working on it yesterday and i did quite a bit but im a slow painter so you will have to be patient.

Kera foehunter:

im painting figures!!! i aso did alot of new figures with green stuff.

im a very slow painter so bear with me .


I have about 30 Blunderbuss & 50 Warrior, all conversions finished & ready! I’m trying to get a decent 2k worth of Chaos Dwarves done.


I actually did nothing with my army but I did instead something much better. I got my insperation back. Felt a little bit let down under the autumn as the support from GW is zero and my thought about puting down a lot of hours painting sometihng that could just go away as a army. But now I got the CD fever again and is very positve :slight_smile:


Converted the last 5 of my Warriors with HW, the last 5 of my Warriors with GW, about 6 Black Orcs, did about half my Soul Reaper, did some sculpting on my Sorcerers and Immortal.  Also did some work on one of my Kollossus legs.

That’s about it for CD’s, and since CDO went down, not just for christmas.

Also did some painting of Dwarf Warriors, heavy sculpting on rangers, converting of Orc Boyz, sculpting of Ironback boar and a lot of work on my Golden Daemon entry (large scale sculpt).

I’m aiming to build an 'Ard Boyz list themed on the Dark Lands.  So I get to use my CD themed Black Orcs, and do a unit or two mounted on Ironbacks!